SteriPen Products

SteriPEN Sidewinder Purifier
SteriPEN Sidewinder Purifier

Here at BladeOps, we keep our focus on knives.  We realize that many of our customers share the same interests and concerns as we do.  So, every once in a while, an ancillary product comes along that we feel might be a good addition to our product line, even though they aren’t knives.  Last year we added some Wise Food products.  This year we are proud to announce the arrival of the SteriPEN product line.  These UV water purifier products are perfect for those on the go–whether it is business travel, camping, hunting, or even as a back up tool for your emergency kit.  The importance of clean water cannot be overstated, and now you can have a purifier on hand so that you can have clean water whenever and wherever you need it.  Check out the SteriPen line 



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