Spyderco Sprint Run Caly 3, Grey G-10 Handle, Super Blue Blade

Caly 3 Sprint Run
Caly 3 Sprint Run–Super Blue Blade, Grey G-10 Handle

You may think the new Spyderco Sprint Run 3 with a Super Blue blade has a blade with a blue tint.  When I first heard the name, that is what came to mind.  In fact, the leaf shape flat ground blade has a blade made with Aogami Super Blue steel.  Made by Hitachi Metals in Japan, the plant where this special steel is produced uses steels that are graded by color codes.  The color refers to the color of the paper that the raw steel shows up to the plant wrapped up in.  So the Aogami Super Blue steel is a Japanese steel that shows up to the plant in blue paper.  Super Blue Aogami is the highest grade of blue steel and contains up to 1.5″ carbon.  This gives it a long wear life.  It also has chrome added to up its hardness as well as its resistance to corrosion.  So with this Sprint Run Caly 3, you are getting an amazing blade, but it isn’t actually blue.  Combine the great blade with a grey G-10 handle that is built for comfort and strength and the Sprint Run Caly 3 could just be the perfect daily carry knife.