Cold Steel Laredo Bowie Knife Review — Snapshot Review

Cold Steel Laredo Bowie
Cold Steel Laredo Bowie, Model 39LLBT

The Cold Steel Laredo Bowie gives you serious cutting power.  Built along classic Bowie lines, this knife features a 10 1/2″ high carbon steel blade.  The long blade is built for heavy use.

What is so great about a bowie blade you ask?  The bowie serves multiple functions thereby eliminating your need to carry several knives.  An ideal outdoorsman knife, the bowie has a piercing point that is designed to penetrate like nobody’s business. The guard prevents your hand from slipping up the handle onto the blade.  The weight of the blade gives you all the ability to make serious chopping cuts.  So the knife doubles as a small hatchet or machete.   But if you need to, you can hold the spine of the blade with your off hand while choking up on the handle with your other hand to make fine cuts.  The extra wide blade makes for an extremely strong and tough blade.   The Cold Steel Laredo Bowie fulfills all these needs and many more.

It boasts a specially contoured faux cocobolo handle that feels great in the hand.  The knife comes with a leather sheath.  If you have never owned a bowie knife, the Cold Steel Laredo is a fantastic first choice.  Find it on our website here.  Tell me your favorite Bowie Knife story down below.


  • Item: 39LLBT
  • Name: Laredo Bowie
  • Blade Length: 10.5″
  • Overall Length: 15 11/16″
  • Steel: O-1 High Carbon
  • Weight: 16.3 Ounces
  • Blade Thickness: 5/16″
  • Handle: 5.325″ Long Faux Cocobolo
  • Sheath: Brown Leather Sheath