Great auto knives for left-handers! PART 1

We decided to do a mini-series of entries to discuss the topic of auto knife recommendations for those of you who are left-handed. While there is a small percentage of knives specifically for left-handers, we feel it would be beneficial to highlight some brands that accommodate both–and believe me there are plenty of choices!

BEN5270First up, we have the Benchmade Mini-Presidio line-up, models 5270 and 5500, which is a fantastic auto knife for under $200. Benchmade utilizes their exclusive AXIS mechanism which makes the knife 100% ambidextrous. The Mini-Presidio does come with a reversible pocket clip, however keep in mind that it is only designed for tip-up carry. The AXIS mechanism is operated by pulling both tabs away from the pivot point and the blade snaps open with much authority. You can operate it with just one finger if you choose to do so, but pulling both triggers simultaneously does make for more efficient operation.

ben5500sbkThe difference between the two model numbers has to do with the blade steel as well as a slight variation to scale milling on the aluminum handles. The Benchmade auto 5270 knife comes equipped with a 440C blade steel while the 5500 auto comes with an upgraded 154CM tool steel. Both the Benchmade 5270 and the Benchmade 5500 come in plain edge or serrated edges in addition to a silver or black blade option.

Check out the specs and more information on the Benchmade Mini-Presidio 5270 here and the Benchmade Mini-Presidio 5500 here.