Microtech Zombie ADO Dagger Knives

Microtech 115-3Z ADO
Microtech 115-3Z ADO

A couple more variations of the Microtech Zombie ADO knives just showed up today.  Now you can get the -2 or the -3.  The -2 variation has a dual combo edge blade and the -3 has one plain edge and one fully serrated edge.  Both feature the unique zombie green finish with a red blood splatter pattern.  Get ready for the Zombie Apocalypse–get your ADO.

Microtech A.D.O. Reverse Two Tone Knives

Microtech ADO 115-3LE
Microtech ADO 115-3LE, Reverse 2 Tone Finish

Every once in a while a knife shows up on my desk that I immediately covet.  The Microtech ADO fixed blade knife is a fixed blade knife that I have wanted for quite some time.   Just last week, we received a few of these with a reverse two tone finish.  It makes for a spectacular look.  Check them out, they are limited in quantity and no word from Microtech if they are going to produce more.