Microtech Custom Mini Matrix Knife Review — Video Review

Here is a video review from the vaults.  The incredible Custom Mini Matrix from Anthony Marfione.

Microtech DOC Killswitch Automatic Knife Review

DOC Killswitch
DOC Killswitch, MT154-10, Stonewash Blade

The DOC Killswitch, an automatic knife collaboration project between Anthony Marfione and Mic Strider, features a fast opening blade that is built for tactical situations.  The knife boasts an anodized aluminum handle with traction inserts that offers an uncompromisingly secure grip.  A titanium sub lock keeps the blade securely open.

The first thing you notice about the DOC Killswitch is the unique geometry on the spear point blade.  The shape gives the blade extra strength near the tip.  Which makes the knife perfect for combat and tactical situations where heavy pressure is often exerted on the end of your knife blade.  The blade also boasts a choil that allows you to “choke up” on the grip when you need to make controlled cuts.  A set of wide, shallow jimping sits atop the spine of the blade and gives your thumb extra purchase when you are holding the knife in the choked up position.

More jimping is found along the angled butt of the handle.  This allows you to get a very secure grip when you hold the knife in a reverse grip.

The blade snaps out with serious authority when the trigger button is depressed. The blade is kept securely open with a titanium sub lock.  The activation button is a unique shape.  When the blade is closed or open, you can swing the button over to a locked position.  This will make it impossible to either open or close the blade.  When you swing the button back into the active position, you are then able to depress the switch to open the blade.  If the blade is open, you can depress the button, which unlocks the blade, and then close the blade with your other hand.

Back of Killswitch
Back of Killswitch

The handle is a classic Strider shape with three large indentations on the front scale.  Grip tape is inserted into the indentations to give you an extra solid grip.  The two handle scales have a large, shallow finger groove that fits your forefinger just perfectly.  It also gives your pinkie finger a nice grip spot when you use the knife in a reverse grip.

An oversized pivot screw features a triangular indentation that gives the knife a great look.  Each of the five smaller frame screws have a similar triangular shape.

An extra wide tip up pocket clip is found on the back scale.  The pocket clip reads A. Marfione and then below that it reads M. Strider.

This fantastic automatic knife does everything you want from a serious tactical knife.  It offers you a fast opening blade that locks up tight.  The blade gives you maximum strength at the tip for heavy piercing cuts.  The spear point blade makes this blade ideal for slashing cuts.  The handle is comfortable in a variety of positions.  And the materials are top notch.  This auto knife is one I would recommend to a friend that was looking for a serious combat automatic knife.  Find the entire line of DOC Killswitch knives from Microtech Knives here on our website.  Let me know what you think of yours down below.


  • Overall Length: 9.125″
  • Blade Length: 3.75″
  • Handle Material: 6061 T6 Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Weight: 7 Ounces

Microtech Katana Halo II OTF Knife Review — Video Review

Here is another video gem from our vault.  This is one amazing knife.

Microtech Halo V OTF Knives are In

Microtech Halo V
Microtech Halo V OTF knife

Just arrived–A shipment of the incredibly popular and sought after Microtech Halo V out the front knives.  Get yours while they last.  You can find the Halo V here on our website.

The Halo V is a single action OTF auto knife that fires with the oversized trigger button found on the face of the handle.  To retract, press the trigger button to release the open blade and pull the charging handle down.  This allows you to reset the blade for the next use.

Built to exacting specifications, these much sought after Microtech knives feature 6061 T6 anodized aluminum handles along with ELMAX blade steel.  Note: different batches of Microtech knives have different blade steels.  The most recent batch has ELMAX blade steel–but not all Halo V’s have ELMAX.  The blade on this shipment has a stonewash finish.  Get yours and let me know what you think of it below.  But act fast, because these are sure to move quickly.


  • Blade: 4.6″
  • Overall: 10.75″
  • Handle: 6.1″
  • Weight: 5.8 oz.

Microtech Custom Halo V OTF Knife Review — Quick Review


Microtech Custom Halo V
Microtech Custom Halo V

Just in is this spectacular custom piece from Marfione Custom Knives.  Anthony Marfione, the owner of Microtech Knives creates stellar custom pieces under the Marfione Custom label.  Each of these knives are built by him and meet his exacting standards for quality.

This Custom Halo V features a carbon fiber chassis.  The 30K layered carbon fiber handle is accented with a titanium button guard onlay that highlights the trigger button which also boasts a carbon fiber inlay.

The spear point blade has a high polish finish and carbon fiber inlay along the top edge.  The blade fires fast and lock up is exactly what you would expect from a high end collectors knife from Marifone.

Custom Halo V Charging Handle
Custom Halo V Charging Handle

The charging handle bears the Marfione Dagger logo.

This special custom piece comes in a zipper pouch that has a dagger logo cutout attached to the front via velcro.  The dagger logo cutout matches the special Certificate of Authenticity.  All of it comes in the new, high quality rare earth closed presentation box.  This knife is built for the knife collector who demands the best.  Find it on our website here.