Piranha Prowler Auto Knife Review — Video Review

The Piranha Prowler Auto Knife has proven itself to be a serious contender for best new automatic knife of the past 12 months.  Features fast action, solid construction and a no nonsense design that is perfect for every day carry.

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Piranha Hybrid Auto Knife Video Review

Not sure if you’ve had a chance to see the Piranha Hybrid auto knife in action or not. This stellar auto knife from Piranha just continues the legacy that they have created of tough, durable automatic knives that open hard and lock up tight. These everyday use knives are built for your life. Find them here on our website.

Piranha Prowler Auto Knife

Piranha Prowler
Piranha Prowler, blue standard edge blade

The Piranha Prowler’s have arrived.  These side open automatic knives are exactly what you would expect from a Piranha knife.  They feature high quality 154CM stainless steel blades and anodized aluminum handles for heavy daily use. They open lightning fast with a press on the inset trigger button and have no play in the blade at all.  The Prowler design is easily one of my favorite.  The single sharp edge dagger style blade is perfect for the cuts I need to make on a daily basis and the slightly tapered handle is comfortable and easy to grip.  Throw in the titanium pocket clip and you have a knife that will last you a lifetime.  Check out the Piranha Prowler here and check out the entire Piranha Knife line here.

The Prowler, referred to as the Piranha 12 series because it is their 12th design, is available in the following handle colors:

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Plum
  5. Red
  6. Silver
  7. Camo
  8. Pink
  9. Burnt Orange



Silver Handled Piranha Knives

Silver Handle Piranha Mini Guard
Silver Handle Piranha Mini Guard

Piranha just released their newest creations–silver handled models of all their knives.  Many of them have shown up on our shelves over the past few days and are available if you are looking.  These knives mostly feature black finished blades but a few of the models are available with mirror finish blades.  I think the look of the black blade with a silver finished anodized aluminum handle is a great look.  If you haven’t ever owned a Piranha, here are a few things I love about the knives.  They are extremely durable.  Built with anodized aluminum handles, they can stand up to a beating.  My friend has been carrying a Piranha Pocket for about four years now and aside from the obvious use wear you would expect to see on a well used blade, the knife looks just as good as it did when he first got it.  They open incredibly fast.  The spring mechanism is powerful and snaps the blade out lightning fast. The price is right–Piranha knives are a great value purchase.  Finally, they are available in enough different styles and sizes that you can always find one that works for your needs.   Check out the new silver handle versions and let me know what you think.