Schrade SCPEN3 Tactical Fountain Pen Review

SCPEN3 Tactical Fountain Pen
SCPEN3 Tactical Fountain Pen

Today a pen review.  It is hard not to fall in love with a fountain pen.  There is something old school and evocative about using a pen style that has been in continuous use since the 10th century.  Back in 973, one ruler became so frustrated by his ink spattered hands–a direct result of using the then current style of pens–that he demanded a pen that wouldn’t stain his hands.  A clear description of a “reservoir” style pen emerged although there are no drawings of said pen.  Too bad he didn’t use his fancy new pen to draw a picture of said pen.

The Schrade SCPEN3 series feature a fountain pen.  And they have an interchangeable rollerball component.  So you get the traditional pen plus you get the fancy new pen.  Two for one.  And you get both modes of writing in a serious tactical/defensive package that will give you some peace of mind.  The pen is available in black, silver or brown.

Built with a CNC machined anodized aluminum body, the SCPEN3 series features five flutes lengthwise down the handle along with three deep grooves around the circumference of the handle at the base.  The cap screws on and once removed can be screwed onto the base of the handle for alternate storage.  Speaking of the base or butt of the pen, it ends in a classic glass breaker.  Not sure if you would find many moments where you have to break glass, but the secondary purpose  (or primary if you ask some) of a glass breaker is to function as a hand held defensive tool.  A quick strike with the pointed end would definitely cause most attackers to pause and consider their current course of action.  So the pen functions as a small Kubaton or strike bar.  It can also be used in less aggressive fashion as just a small strike rod by striking with the cap end of the pen.

Schrade Silver Tactical Pen 3
Schrade Silver Tactical Pen 3

But set aside the defensive capabilities of the pen.  What I really like about the pen is how it writes.  I have been using a fountain pen for various writing tasks over the past two months and have really enjoyed it.  If you know calligraphy, it is the perfect casual tool for some seriously classy writing.  Even if you aren’t a calligrapher, the pen writes like a boss.  And, when you need to get a whole lot of writing done, just switch the pen over to the RollerBall setup and you have a traditional pen that is ready to write.  If you haven’t seen the SCPEN3 series, it is worth a moment of your time.  Check one out and let me know what you think of yours below.


  • Overall Length: 5.9″
  • Body Diameter: .55″
  • Material: CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Handle Color: Black, Silver, or Brown
  • Weight: 1.6 oz.
  • Ink Color: Black Ink
  • Cartridge: Uses European Standard 38mm ink cartridge, two refills included