Passion for Blades, by T.M.

Passion for Knives
Passion for Knives

Hey guys. Just wanted to give you guys a quick story on what knives in general mean to me, and what these knives in particular have done for me. I’m a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and served as an infantryman. The knives I brought with me where the Spyderco Tenacious combi edge as a multi use tool, and the CRKT Hissatsu as my back up “tatical” fixed blade. The Tenacious was my go to knife for everything from cutting open MRE’s,cutting zip cuffs,cutting 550 cord and also for important things like cutting seat belts of humvee drivers and cutting ACU’s to get to wounds of injured soldiers. Though I never had to use my fix blade thankfully, I know the knife would’ve performed if need be. I still carry the Tenacious to this day and the knife just wont let me down for anything I can reasonably use it for…..I have one other knife that EDC in my civilian life for self-defense purposes. Its Cold Steel’s Talwar XL. Though I’ve never had to use it either, it has actually stopped fights from happening just from the people getting a look at the beast lol. So that’s even better than having to actually use it to defend yourself in my book…That’s just a few reasons why I have a passion for blades and never leave home without one. Take care guys and gals

Spyderco Limited Run Stretch Knife, Nishijin Glass Fiber Handle Scales — Quick Review

Spyderco Nishijin Stretch
Spyderco Nishijin Stretch Knife with Blue Glass Fiber Handle Scales

If you haven’t seen the Limited Run Spyderco Stretch knife featuring Nishijin Glass Fiber handle scales yet, it definitely warrants a look see. Two variations of this amazing folder exist. There is one with black Nishijin glass handle scales and one with blue Nishijin glass handle scales.  Both are limited run knives of 600 pieces.

The handle scales on these knives was inspired by the intricate Nishijin weaving process that started over 1200 years ago in Japan.  Nishijin is a district in Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan.  There, so many years ago, a special weaving process began that  used many different colored yarns and wove them together into decorative designs.  A very tedious procedure, the practice yielded some spectacularly beautiful designs.  The glass fiber handle scales on these knives are an homage to this famous process from Nishijin.

The actual process of glass fiber manufacturing is part chemical and part mechanical.  Various strands of glass and carbon are drawn into fibers, then heated to expel most of the non-carbon atoms in a process referred to as carbonization.  This results in filament like fibers of woven glass and carbon that are then used to create laminated sheets.  These sheets are incredibly lightweight and yield some amazing patterns.  They are also very wear resistant.  The specialized Nishijin process is a relatively new weave that makes some circular as well as swirled patterns instead of the classic horizontal and vertical patterns that have been the norm in glass fiber manufacturing for so long. These special limited run Stretch knives use this special Nishijin glass fiber for the handle scales giving them durability as well a stunning appearance.

The Spyderco Stretch started way back in the 80’s as a small Hunter model.  Over time, it “stretched” into a drop point folder with all the hallmarks of a classic Spyderco knife.  The blade on these limited run knives are manufactured from Damascus steel.  They feature the same modified drop point and fully flat grind with an arcing belly that you expect from a Spyderco Stretch.  A small Spyder logo sits right beside the Spyder Hole.  The blade opens smooth using the Spyder Hole and locks into the open position with a powerful spine lock.  The pocket clip is four position.

This is the kind of collector’s piece that every Spyderco fan will want in their collection. Check out both the Spyderco Nishijin Stretch knives on our website here.


  •  Handle: Blue or Black Nishijin Glass Fiber
  • Overall Length: 7 15/16″
  •  Blade Length: 3 1/2″
  •  Blade Material: Seki City Damascus VG10
  •  Closed: 4 7/16″
  •  Cutting Edge: 3 3/16″
  • Hole Diameter: 9/16″
  • Blade Thickness: 1/8″
  •  Opener Type: Thumb
  •  Edge Style: Plain

Spyderco Khalsa is here!

Spyderco Khalsa
Spyderco Khalsa

The Spyderco Khalsa (C40GP) has once again been re-released back into the ranks of quality Spyderco folding knives! Knife maker Jot Singh Khalsa and Spyderco first introduced the knife back in 2000 however things didn’t quite pan out but now it has been reformulated and re-released in a limited quantity sprint-run that would be sure to offer a one-of-a-kind uniqueness to any knife collection. Right out of the gate, you can see the large “hump” that appears on the blade which can easily be used as a thumb ramp and even doubles as a finger guard. Surprisingly, the design of the knife offers the user many different grip options from traditional usage to finer tasks.

This knife features a reversible pocket clip for tip-down carry and offers very smooth action with its very unique spider hole. The lockup on the Khalsa is rock solid, as any Spyderco knife would be, and can be easily operated with one hand–liner lock and all.

To purchase this exquisite peace of beauty and craftsmanship, click here.