Ka-Bar Zombie Killer War Sword — Quick Review

Ka-Bar Zombie War Sword
Ka-Bar Zombie War Sword, model #5701

Ka-Bar is a veritable icon when it comes to combat knives.  Having produced some of the most recognizable war knives since 1898, they have now entered the war against Zombies.  The Zombie Killer War Sword is a prime example  of Ka-Bar’s willingness to lead from the front in the battle for survival from brain eating menaces that seem to roam the world of our collective imagination.

The Zombie “War” Sword features a 9 11/16″ blade and has an overall length of 15 1/4″ giving you all the reach you need to take out the mindless attackers without getting close enough for them to unscrew your skull cap.  The blade, like each of the knives in the Original Zombie series is 1095 Cro-Van with a black finish.  The handle is toxic green glass filled nylon so you keep a good grip on your battle weapon even if things get a little slimy.  A little bonus that Ka-Bar has decided to throw into the package for free is the included black scales (in case you need to do a little Ninja work in your fight against the Zombies) as well as a skeletonized Acheron knife that is a great little 6 3/8″ fixed blade knife.

Made in the USA, the Ka-Bar “War” sword allows you to join the battle against the encroaching evil. Be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse with your new “War” sword.  And while you wait for the encroaching, shuffle mob with no brains, this hefty knife will be perfect to help you get your camp set up.  A perfect chopping, clearing, cleaning, and all around useful tool.  Check it out on our website here.  And let me know, down below, how your battle against the Zombies is going.