What Knife I’m Carrying Today

Boker Kalashnikov 73
Boker Kalashnikov 73

Today I am carrying the Boker Kalashnikov auto conversion, model 73.  This is one of my favorite little everyday carry knives for so many reasons.  First, the auto conversion is spectacular.  The button is raised and a simple push snaps the plain edge, bead blast blade out quickly.  The lock up is tight on the blade.  I haven’t had it happen yet, but even if the blade gets some side to side play in it, the play is easily remedied by tightening the pivot screw.

Second, the knife is so simple that it is extremely easy to take care of and maintain in good working order.  With the open body construction, I can easily slide a Q tip in between the handle scales and clean out any lint, dust, dirt or grime that accumulates.  About once a week, I clean out the handle.  It generally takes me just a minute or two.

Third, the size is ideal for pocket carry.  The 2 1/2″ blade is plenty big enough for most everything I run into on a daily basis.  Yet the handle only measures in at 3 1/4″ long by 5/8″ thick by 7/8″ wide (at the widest point).  This means that it leaves more real estate in my pocket for everything else I seem to jam into it.

Fourth, at the price, it doesn’t break the bank if I lose it.  Every one of us has had that terrible moment when we reach into our pocket to pull our knife out and realize the knife is gone.  The worst time I remember is back in 1988.  I had a brand new Victorinox.  It was one of the big boys with about 12 tools and several blades.  I was on my way to Guatemala for an extended trip.  Back then, everyone carried knives on planes.  It wasn’t yet verboten.  When I got off the plane in Guatemala City, I reached in my pocket to check my knife and apparently it had fallen out on the plane.  With no way to go back onto the plane, I had to bid a sad farewell to my knife.  That was a big disappointment.    But with my little Boker Kalashnikov 73, if I lose it, I’m only out about $30.00.  Not great, but not the end of the world either.

ProTech J4 Runt 4415
ProTech J4 Runt 4415

I have several other knives that I like to carry regularly.  For instance I really enjoy carrying my Benchmade 300SN Ball flipper.  That is a fantastic knife.  Other days, I carry my Gerber DMF auto knife.  That is a big knife–and extremely reliable.  I’ve got my eye on one of the Benchmade Auto Adamas knives for the past few months.  I had one for a while but gave it to a friend in need.  I need to get another.  And of course, I love to carry my ProTech Runt.  That little beauty is perfect.

What knife are you carrying today?  And why?


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