SOG has created a new speed assisted folder named the Aegis (ee-jis: it was named after the Greek word which means shield). This premier folder has S.A.T. (which stands for surest assisted technologies). This is their name for one of the best assisted opening systems in the industry. This knife is very nice to hold and use. It has a very grip friendly handle. The handle is made with DigiGrip which is a trademarked substance that feels like tacky rubber. It is extremely easy to grip and keep a grip on. Plus, it feels good in your hand. The Aegis comes with SOG’s trademarked bayonet reversible clip and has a built in safety with a red means ready to go marking. The clip is a simple small piece of metal that you push. As soon as it shows red, the knife is ready to be opened. This style safety is ingenious and very secure. I rate the new Aegis as a 9.5 out of 10. I would love it if they made it automatic but for a spring assisted it is dang good. The spring pops the blade out fast and it locks up very tight. This is a good knife to have.


Blade Length 3.5″

Overall Length 8.25″

Weight 3.1 oz.

Edge Straight Steel AUS 8

Handle Zytel Finish Black TiNi

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