A Week with a Microtech Ultratech

Molon Labe Ultratech
Molon Labe Ultratech from Microtech

Microtech has always fascinated me with their automatic knives. Especially their Out the Fronts. With that being said, I recently picked up a new Ultratech. The Ultratech, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the most popular knives offered by Microtech. It has always had a generally positive reputation. But I had to test it out for myself to see. This is what I have found with the Ultratech.


Day 1- Today I made the purchase of the Ultratech. The specific one I got was the new Molon Labe Ultratech. The design of this knife is what really pushed me to purchase it. With a Spartan helmet on the front handle and the Greek letters spelling Molon Labe were huge factors of getting this knife. Plus, it’s a convenient automatic knife. It can be used with only one hand. It was a great choice.

One of the first things I wanted to do with the knife was to show my family how awesome it is. They are always excited to see new fun “toys” that I bring home. When I showed it to them, they were in awe. I was right there with them. Every time either I or one of my family members fired off the knife, I got more excited to own the knife. I didn’t do much cutting that day, but it was good to carry with me.


Day 2- This was my first full day carrying the knife. My biggest observation from today was how unnoticeable the knife was in my pocket. My phone and other items were able to fit in my pocket with my knife, and there was room to spare. The one thing that I did keep on noticing was the glass breaker that was found on the butt of the knife. The pointed metal end would prick me if I wasn’t careful. Other than that, the Ultratech was great to have equipped. Today required me to use my knife quite a bit. Working around the house doing some chores needed a knife for some projects. Having a knife ready in the blink of an eye was a huge help when I had so much to get done. Though it didn’t save a ton of time, it was still more than having to use a folder, scissors, or some other cutting tool.


Day 3- On this day I found another disadvantage of the knife. I was at worship today and saw a loose string on my pants. Out of habit I pulled out my knife and cut it off. The people around me seemed to not like that. You see, the knife has a loud snap when opening. This could be good in a lot of cases (such as intimidation when in a self-defense situation) but at church, it wasn’t such a good thing. If this kind of situation doesn’t apply to you, then it isn’t a problem at all. Where I could see it being a problem is at the office or at a library. Some of those quite places where people don’t expect a loud snap out of the middle of nowhere.


Day 4- Mondays tend to be awful. The weekend has just ended and now it’s time to get back to reality. One of the good things about today is that I still own a Ultratech. Although it didn’t see too much usage, it was fun to show around the office.


Day 5- My knife came in handy all throughout the day, especially when working in the kitchen. Although the knife wasn’t used in food preparation, it was helpful in pre-preparation. Cutting was a breeze when it came time to open up boxes and packaged food. The Ultratech cut through the cardboard with ease, as well as the plastic that was sealing up my food. Dinner was on the table a whole lot quicker. If you’re still using scissors to open up your food, you might want to invest in a knife, especially a quick auto like the Ultratech. It was so simple to use. Literally, it is as easy as flipping a switch. Being able to use an Out the Front knife with one hand makes cutting simple and quick.


Day 6- There wasn’t much use for my knife today. It was just running around doing errands and working. I have been better at not poking myself with the glass breaker on the end of the knife. My grip on the knife has adjusted to fit even better. I think that over time that the knife will continue to feel more secure as my muscle memory in my hand improves. The Ultratech hasn’t given me any problems when it came to pocket real estate. There have been many pairs of pants worn over the past few days. Each one has been able to hold my knife and all the other items I keep in my pocket. With its discreet look, the knife hides well inside my pocket. No one has pointed it out or acted strangely since I have been carrying it. It makes for a great everyday carry knife in that department.


Day 7- Well, today is the last day of my one-week trial of owning a Microtech Ultratech. It has been a great choice in a knife. My overall biggest concern about purchasing the knife was the price. The Ultratech is not cheap. Not in its price, but it also isn’t a cheap knife. From already owning it a week, I know that this knife will last me a long time. At this time, I can confidently say that purchasing this knife was well worth the cost. Although in a week (as you have read) the knife hasn’t seen a lot of use, I am confident that it will be able to handle any cutting task that might come up. Who knows, the knife could be a lifesaver someday. Only time will tell.


Now that you have read into a little bit of my experience with my Ultratech, it is your turn to get one. Only then will you truly know what it is like to own a knife like this one. There is a vast variety of Ultratech knives to choose from. All you need to do is go to BladeOps.com to learn more.

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