Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Survival Pak Review

Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Survival Pak

Adventure Medical Kits are made by Tender Corporation.

Tender Corporation has firmly established itself as the maker of effective solutions for nature’s problems. New product development and acquisitions have reinforced that position in recent years.

The early 1970s marked retirement for Kenneth Grout. He was headed for New Hampshire’s White mountains, to discover the joys of fresh air, good fishing, and hard earned relaxation. But there was an element which Ken’s carefully laid plans had overlooked—an irrefutable ingredient distracting every part of the vision. It was in the garden, in the woods, around the ponds and on the mountaintops. It was the merciless black fly. You cannot quite image how annoying and painful this bug is, unless you’ve been to norther New England in late spring. This tiny pest aggravated Ken to the point of canceling retirement and launching a full-time counterattack.

The basic solution to bites and stings, form black flies and other insects, came relatively easily. Ammonia hydroxide was a known home remedy for bug bit itch, dating back to the days of pharaohs. Ken focused on combining it in an effective formula. He searched for a way to package the solution for convenient use, especially for the many times a household ammonia bottle was not handy or easy to carry.

Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Survival Pak
Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Survival Pak

By 1975, under the name of Tender Corporation, Ken and his son Ted produced their first 50,000 units of insect bite relief, AfterBite. The success of AfterBite precede the subsequent launches of Ben’s Natrapel 8 hour, Easy Care, First Aid Kits, After Sting, After Burn, and Easy Access Bandages.

Adventure Medical Kits has put together a Pocket Survival Pak essential for surviving in almost any situation. This pack comes with 16 different pieces: The Spark-Lite Firestarter, 4 Spark-Lite Tinder-Quik, Fox-40 Rescue Howler, Rescue Flash Signal Mirror, Duct Tape, Doug Ritter Enhanced Survival Instructions, Fresnel Lens Magnifier, Stainless Steel Utility Wire, Braided Nylon cord, #69 Black Nylon Thread, 20mm Survival Compass, heavy Duty Sewing Needle, Fishing Kit, 4 Safety Pins, Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, #2 Pencil and waterproof notepaper.

We will go over each of these pieces in the kit and why they are important and what you can use each one for.


The Spark-Lite Firestarter

The Spark-Lite Firestarter is used to easily start camp fires as well as stoves. It has been tested to produce over 5,000 sparks and all you have to do is easily aim the spark directly at tinder with this one handed striker. This product also is guaranteed to have fast ignition. Use this with a waterproof Tinder-Quik to ignite with a single spark. With the use of this Spark-Lite Firestarter you will be able to have warmth in any weather because this tool is built to spark in all directions as any altitude. This tool could determine whether or not you will make it through a cold night in a survival situation.


Spark-Lite Tinder-Quik
This pocket survival kit comes with 4 of Adventure Medical Kits Spark-Lite Tinder-Quik’s. The Tinder-Quik’s are designed to be waterproof as well as windproof, which means that you will be able to ignite these puppies with a single spark in virtually any weather, altitude, or environment. The Tinder-Quik’s have been tested to burn for up to three minutes, which gives you ample time to use them to ignite your own tinder that you have found or to light your stove. When using these with the Spark-Lite Firestarter, you are basically guaranteed to have a fire going in no time. To use them, you just peel them open to get more surface area to light on fire and aim the sparks at the Tinder-Quik.


Fox-40 Rescue Howler

This item in your emergency kit is a whistle that can be used to draw attention to your potion and aid in your rescue. The Rescue Howler is very light and sports a hook which makes it easy to strap on to almost anything. This whistle is also very lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about lugging around a hefty survival kit. Everything in this kit is lightweight, specifically designed for survival missions, tucking away into the compartment in your car, or taking it with you on your next adventure—from hiking to camping to walking across the country, this whistle is a good thing to have. This was developed exclusively for the Pocket Survival Pak by Fox 40 this new, ultra-light whistle is extremely loud and even exceeds SOLAS and U.S. Coast Guard Specifications, triple-frequency with lanyard hole.


Rescue Flash Signal Mirror

This mirror is made out of durable Lexan polycarbonate with mil-spec retro-reflective aiming aid for one-handed use. This mirror is 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide, weighing a measly 0.32 ounces. This Rescue Flash Signal Mirror is visible for over 20 miles. Because this mirror is not made out of glass, you won’t have to worry about it breaking when you are roughing it—this mirror is durable and nearly unbreakable. Plus, because it is made out of a plastic-like material, you also won’t have to worry about rusting or corrosion.


Duct Tape

Duct Tape was developed during World War II and was originally sued to seal ammunition cases during the war. Today, it is used for everything. In an emergency situation it can be used to make emergency repairs on tents, gear, bags, sleeping bags, clothing, etc. Duct Tape can also be sued for making large bandages, adding padding to blisters, and making slings. You could even use it for wrapping sprained ankles as a last ditch situation. Because of its durability, and its waterproof nature, it is one of the most useful pieces of gear that you can carry. If you want your repairs to last longer, you can use a hot rock heated in a fire to iron the Duct Tape to your torn fabric. Duct tape can also be sued to wrap plastic water bottles to help prevent cracking and leaking. Duct tape can be used for just about anything and I’ve just barely scratched the surface of times this will come in handy in a survival situation.


Doug Ritter Enhanced Survival Instruction

The Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Survival Pak was developed by Equipped To Survive founder and editor Doug Ritter to fill a void in the market: an affordable, truly pocket sized, high quality pocket survival kit that really could save your life. The pocket instructions that Doug Ritter wrote up include anything from making an appropriate “SOS” to different kinds of knots.  These also include detailed, easy to understand, practical information on: setting a plan of action, building shelter, starting fires, obtaining water and food, distress signaling, and travel. The instructions have 33 illustrations for best results. These instructions will help you most effectively use the kit as well as nature to best enhance your survival.


Fresnel Lens Magnifier

This is a super-thin business card size piece of plastic. It is based on the 1822 lens design by French physicist Augustin-jean Fresnel, and was originally intended for lighthouses. At first, this seems like a funny thing to keep in your emergency kit, but it can assist you in seeing a splinter you need to remove, aid when giving stitches, or be used to start a fire. This piece of plastic will end up coming in handy in more situations than just one—I’m sure of it.


Stainless Steel Utility Wire

This is one of the things that most people don’t think to have with them, so it’s extra nice to not have to think about finding or storing this. The kit comes with around 6 feet of wire. This wire is mil-spec grade and stronger than brass.


Braided Nylon Cord

This kit comes with around 10 feet of braided nylon cord, which can be used for shelter building and much more, plus it won’t unravel. This cord can also be used as a laundry line, in place of certain tent pieces, or in medical procedures.


#69 Black Nylon Thread

The kit comes with around 50 feet of black nylon thread. This can be used for clothing repairs, stitches, fishing line, gear repair, and so much more. 50 feet sounds like a lot of thread, but it will be quickly used up if you don’t ration it.


20mm Survival Compass

This compass is accurate, liquid damped, and has a fast acting needle with a groove to accept an improvised lanyard ring. The compass will help you go in the direction you need to be going without getting off course or lost. Make sure that you are checking your compass pretty often, because it is easy to get a little off course, but even a foot in the wrong angle/direction will equate to much more if you walk far enough in that direction.


Fishing Kit

The fishing kit includes four fish hooks, 2 sinkers, and a snap swivel. You can use these piece along with the heavy duty nylon thread to fish. Even if you do have food in accompany with this emergency kit, it is never a bad idea to get some fresh meat or food into you after a while in the wilderness. This Adventure Medical Kit provides all of the pieces needed to successfully fish.


4 Safety Pins

Safety pins can be used for a variety of different things in a survival or emergency situation. One of the obvious ones that people always think of is to repair clothing and gear. Some examples are if your backpack tears, you can hold it together with a safety pin. If you lose a zipper pull on your tent, you can make-shift one with a safety pin. The other obvious one is in a first aid situation. In many survival situations, most people have to make-do with less than ideal circumstances. A safety pin can be used to immobilize an arm by pinning the cuff of a long sleeve shirt to its chest to fashion a makeshift arm sling. Safety pins can be use dot secure a bandana over a wounded and bleeding arm or leg. They can even be used to help keep a severe wound close in place of stitches in dire circumstances. Or, they can be used to help remove a splinter if you have nothing else. These small tools are worth all of the space they take up and then some.


Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

This kit comes with 3 square feet of heavy duty aluminum foil. This is one of the materials that many people would not think to grab for their emergency kit, but can prove to be extremely useful in a survival situation. The aluminum foil can be used to form a container to boil water, to cook with, to reflect fire heat onto you to preserve some of your precious body heat during a cold night, and plenty of other things.


#2 Pencil and Waterproof Notepaper

These two objects are not necessarily vital to your survival—but they can definitely aid in helping you. You can keep them on hand to leave notes, write down any survival tips that you remember, or even keep a log so that you know how much food and water you can or you have eaten in that day. Or, you could pre-write some extra survival notes on these papers for use if you ever are in need of this kit.



The Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Survival Pak comes in a waterproof welded fabric pouch that stores well in large pockets, backpacks, daypacks, emergency kits, go bags, cars, or anywhere else you want a nice solid survival kit. The contents are all visible through the back of the kit, so anyone can see what is inside, even if the owner can no longer assist. You never know what is going to come your way, so it is never a bad idea to be prepared for the worst. Pick up your Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Survival Pak today at BladeOps and you won’t have to worry about what looms in the future.

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