AKC Leverletto Knives

We just got two styles of Frank Beltrame Leverletto’s into stock.  These are actually produced for him by AKC.  These Bill DeShivs Leverletto knives have great action and are made with some amazing products.  The two styles we got into stock are made with either snakewood handles or with dark horn (buffalo).  One really neat thing about them is they have a set screw which you can turn and they become fully manual knives.  That way, if you prefer to have a manual knife or aren’t allowed to have an automatic, you meet the requirements. 

Knife Category: Leverletto
Blade Style: Flat Grind
Action: Automatic open, manual close
Blade Length: 3″
Open Length: 7 5/8″
Closed Length: 4 7/16″
Weight: 3.5 Ounces
Handle Thickness: 5/8″
Handle Width: 3/4″
Handle Material: Snakewood

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