Boker Kalashnikov

Boker makes some amazing knives. The Kalashnikov is an auto conversion (this means it left the factory as a folder and had a spring added to make it into an automatic knife). I have been using one as my everyday carry for the past twelve weeks. Here are the reasons why I love my Boker Kalashnikov:
1. It is a great size knife. Not too big, not too small.
2. The handle is molded with three “dividers” which create channels for your fingers to rest in. 3. The blade is nice and sharp right out of the box. I have a partially serrated blade which I also like for various reasons–not the least being I think it looks great.
4. The details on the knife are amazing, the adjustment screw has a star on it which brings to mind the “red” Soviets of the cold war.
5. It comes in a ridiculously cool box–shaped like an ammo clip from the Kalishnikov machine gun.
The blade is made from AUS8 stainless steel and the knife is manufactured in Taiwan. It has a good clip which can be removed if you so desire. The spine has a nice solid lock which I rarely use but some people dig locks. I rate this knife a 9.5 out of 10. With its low price and high quality workmanship, this is one knife that everyone should have.
Check them out here.

Smith & Wesson Military & Police

Smith & Wesson recently came out with a new line of Military & Police knives that are awesome. There are a wide variety of styles of blade as well as handle styles. The knives have a great medium sized handle and flip out with a trigger on the spine. They are classified as spring assisted, which I guess they are. But they are as close to an automatic knife as I have seen, without actually being one. The detailing on the handles is nice, it provides a good grip when holding them. The weight is excellent. They feel heavy enough in your hand that you can use them with some leverage. The blade styles vary widely. The one pictured here on the side is one that I like. Check them out on my website at this link:
This is one great series.