Bayonet Point Butterfly

Bayonet Butterfly
Bayonet Butterfly

There are several butterfly knives in the sub $50.00 range that I really like.  If I am going with pin construction–my favorite is the Thug series or any of the Bear & Son butterfly knives.  If I am going with torx screw construction, one of my favorites is the Bayonet Point Butterfly series.  These knives are built with an extra wide bayonet style blade.  Built with torsion screws, this is the style of butterfly knife that you can adjust to your preferred tightness.  Some people prefer this style, some prefer the pin style construction.  I can’t tell you which you may like best, but I can explain the advantages of each.  The torsion screw construction will allow you to tighten and loosen the tension between the handles and the blade on your butterfly knife.  This is good if you have certain expectations about the blade movement.  The torsion screw construction has one major drawback–because they are screws and because the blade and handles are moving a whole lot with the butterfly action, they begin to loosen.  No big deal as long as you check them before you use them and tighten the screws up when they get too loose.  If you don’t, there is a chance the handle and blades will all fly apart in the middle of a trick.  So if you are the type of person that prefers not to make adjustments–get a pin construction butterfly knife.  These are built with pins that hold the blade and handles together.  They are not adjustable.  Over time, they may loosen a bit, but it is nearly impossible to tighten them back up.
The Bayonet Point butterfly knife has solid action and it comes with a pocket clip.  Is it the right butterfly for you?  Not sure, but I like it.  Here is a quick YouTube video that shows several other butterfly knives we carry.

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