Benchmade H&K Automatic Knives Back In Stock

After a too long hiatus, we have Benchmade H&K automatic knives back in stock. Today we just got our first shipment in. Included are BEN14450, BEN14700, and BEN14750. These are fantastic automatic knives built in the Benchmade factory. They carry the H&K name and are managed as a separate line of knives but they have all the high quality characteristics that you would expect from a Benchmade knife. They have top notch materials. The workmanship is almost without par in the industry–I would put ProTech and MicroTech right up there with them for production style automatic knives. And these knives stand up to almost whatever abuse you can throw at them. Check them out. If you want a Benchmade quality knife for just a little bit less $$$ consider one of their H&K knives.

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