Benchmade HK Plan D 14125BK Fixed Blade Knife Review — SnapShot Review

Benchmade 14125BK Plan D
Benchmade 14125BK Plan D Fixed Blade Knife

The Benchmade HK Plan D fixed blade knife is built for serious use as a back up knife for LE, military and anyone who needs a solid self defense tool.  When Plan A, Plan B and Plan C go awry, what do you do?  With this knife you have a Plan D in place.  The N680 stainless steel plain edge Wharncliffe blade gives you all the advantages of strength that a normal tanto blade imparts along with  a longer blade edge so you don’t have a shortened cutting edge.  The blade sits at about a 45 degree angle off normal straight so when you hold the blade in a standard grip you actually have the blade pointing forward instead of up or down.  This gives you a reach advantage without making you contort your hand into all kinds of strange angles.  A serious finger choil allows you a solid grip on the blade at all times reducing the chance you lose your tool in the heat of the moment.  The contoured Grivory handle scales boast the signature HK texture so you have a secure grip in whatever conditions you find yourself.  Comes with a low profile, molded Kydex sheath that is designed specifically to fit duty belts.  The Plan D can be found on our website here.



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