Benchmade Mini Barrage AXIS Assist with M390 Blade

Benchmade Mini Barrage
Benchmade Mini Barrage with M390 Super Steel blade

The Benchmade Barrage series has been incredibly popular.  Built with the AXIS-Assist system, these knives open fast when you get the blade started with the thumb stud.  Just released is the Mini Barrage knife with an M390 Super Steel blade.  M390, according to the Benchmade website, is, “A high performance blade steel with superior cutting ability and wear resistance due to its high concentration of vanadium and chromium carbides. Its unique powder metallurgical process also promotes a uniform carbide distribution and clean steel properties, making M390 a popular steel used in surgical cutting instruments and in applications requiring a high finish. As a blade material it offers excellent corrosion resistance due to its high concentration of Chromium.”  In layman’s terms–M390 is a fantastic steel with incredible wear resistance.  You will dig it.  Check out the new Benchmade Mini Barrage on our website and get the newest installment in the Barrage line of knives.

Check out the video below for a video review:

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