Care of Knife Blade

I just had a really good conversation with one of our great customers. We discussed, among other things, the proper care for a knife blade. I know what I always do–but that doesn’t mean it is right. So, I did a bunch of research on the proper care of a knife and a knife blade. The basics are probably already known by you. But here goes. First, after you use your knife, and on a regular basis, you should clean your knife blade completely. The best way to do this, according to almost every knife manufacturer, is to blow your knife out with compressed air. Then, to wipe it down with a damp cloth. Preferably a cloth that doesn’t leave particulates all over your knife. Then, use a nice lubricant and wipe your entire blade down with it–including putting a couple of drops, squirts or what have you on the pivot points of your knife. A few of the substances (lubricants) that were recommended by manufacturers are these: BlueLube by Benchmade, RemOil or other quality Teflon based oil, by Microtech, and the use of a quality oil followed by the use of an anti-oxidation product such as Miracle Cloth then followed by a protective product such as Sentry’s Marine Tuf-Cloth, by SOG Knives. Knives are tools which should be cared for properly. While your blade need regular care, using top notch products to care for it will definitely extend the life of your knife.

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