Black Tactical Kriss Butterfly Knife

The Black Tactical Kriss Butterfly Knife is one of our newest additions to our ever growing line of value butterfly knives.  This butterfly knife features a skeletonized handle and a black tactical kriss blade.  The kriss blade makes for a unique look.  One side of the blade is sharp.  This butterfly knife is built with pin construction–no need for adjustments and tightening–and the knife has good action.  A mid weight butterfly knife, the finish on the handle is just a touch rough.  This is a great practice butterfly knife–the blade shape alone will get y our friends talking.

Knife Category: Butterfly Knife
Blade Style: Kriss Blade,
Action: Butterfly Knife
Blade Length: 3 1/2″
Open Length: 8 7/8″
Closed Length: 4 7/8″
Weight: 6.5 Ounces
Lock Mechanism: Handle Latch, Bite Handle

Yellow Jacket Butterfly Knife

Just yesterday we put three new butterfly knives into stock.  Over the past couple of months, one of our best selling value butterfly knives has been the Thug.  This knife was a bestseller for a couple of reasons.  One, it had great weight to it.  Two, it had good action.  Three, it was pin construction.  It seems that these three items make for a really excellent butterfly knife.  The only drawback to the Thug was that we were only able to get a limited number of them in before our supplier ran out of stock.  And of course, there is no word as to when they will be back in stock.  The Yellow Jacket butterfly knife seems to be of the same breed as the Thug.  Good weight, good action, and pin construction.  If you are looking for a good practice butterfly knife, this may just be what you have been looking for.
It has a mirror finish, drop point blade.  It also sports one tang pin to reduce the wear and tear on the handles.  The pin construction makes for a whole lot less fuss–no constant adjusments of the handles.  This is an all around great butterfly knife.

Bradley Kimura II Butterfly Knife

Bradley just released their new Kimura II Butterfly Knife.  This is, by far, the best butterfly knife in it’s price point.  First of all, because no one else is competing in this price arena.  The Bear and Sons butterfly knives are all between 39 and 55.  The Kimura II should run you right around $92.00.  Then you have the big step up to the Benchmade butterfly knives or even the Spyderco butterflies.  The Kimura II has all the great quality you would expect from one of the very best balisongs on the market.  The handle is made of all stainless steel (410) and the blade is made of 14C28N stainless which gives you a great edge and also is reasonably corrosion resistant.  The first thing I noticed about teh Kimura II is the weight.  It seems to have the perfect weight.  And then I noticed the action.  Nice, smooth action that is adjustable with the two torx screws.  The Kimura II is stylish, smooth and has great action.  If you are ready to step up to a real butterfly knife, this is the route you should go.