Boker Applegate Fairbairn Boot Knife

Boker Applegate Fairbairn Boot Knife
Boker Applegate Fairbairn Boot Knife

Just got this boot knife in stock from Boker.  The Applegate Fairbairn line of fixed blade combat knives are a popular series that all take form based on the original fighting knife design by Rex Applegate and W.E. Fairbairn.  This knife is just 9″ overall but boasts a dagger blade that is 4 3/4″.  If you are looking for a boot knife that is a step above–consider this knife from Boker.  The product code is 120546.

Boker Plus Epicenter Knife Review

Boker Plus Epicenter
Boker Plus Epicenter

Designed by Todd Rexford, the Boker Plus Epicenter is an exciting new knife from Boker that represents a step out of the norm for them.  This hefty framelock knife features 5mm thick titanium scales that are contoured for maximum comfort.  The VG-10 blade has a satin finish and a plain edge.  When you pick this knife up, you instantly notice the attention to detail that went into the design and construction of the knife.  The dual thumb stud is removable and the knife comes with a small wrench to do just that if you want.  The barrel spacers have a unique design that I think gives the knife extra character.  The titanium pocket clip can be tip up or tip down.  If you are looking for a high quality folder knife with heft and character, check out the Epicenter by Boker and Todd Rexford–I think you will really like it.

My Boker Kalashnikov

Boker Kalashnikov 74
Boker Kalashnikov 74

Several years ago I purchased a Boker Kalashnikov knife.  Converted from a manual push button folder into a side open automatic knife, this beauty was the perfect everyday carry knife.  I used it hard for six months and then retired it to my wall of knives.  After giving it’s all to me for those 180 days, it was time for a rest.

Built with a 3 1/4″ blade of AUS8, the knife is about the perfect size for everything that I run into on a daily basis.  The blade was easy to keep sharp with my Spyderco Sharpmaker.  I had the desert tan model with partial serrations on the blade. The combo edge made it simple to cut straps and rope whenever I needed to–but even better, it made short work of that horrible plastic packaging strap stuff that boxes so often come bound up in.  I would just slide my knife under the strap, twist it so the blade was facing up and give it a quick pull/slide across the strap and the straps would slice right off of the box.

Of course my Boker Kalashnikov makes short work of opening packages, but really, almost any knife can do that. The real question was, could the knife do more than the average EDC knife.  The answer is a resounding YES.  One time, and I probably should be ashamed to admit this but I really like to put my knives through the paces to see if they are great or not, I even used my Kalashnikov to help me replace a section of my sprinkler system.  I used it to cut funny pipe.  I even used it once to cut through a piece of 3/4 pvc pipe because I wanted to see if the knife could do it.  It did.  I had to saw a bit to get the job done, but the serrations cut right through the pvc pipe and I got the sprinklers all repaired.  I don’t suggest you use your knife to do this, but I did and it was tough enough to get the job done.

After six months of hard use, my knife was still in surprisingly good shape.  The blade had a few scratches across the face–which is to be expected considering how hard I used the knife.  The handle had nearly no visible wear and tear.  I did have one short scratch on the front side of the handle where I scraped it across a metal bar as I was pulling my hand out of a tight spot where I was using the knife to cut a string that was behind some shelves.  The ding is almost not visible unless you know what you are looking for.

My review of the Boker Kalashnikov is that it can get nearly any job done.  The blade size is plenty big for most jobs and the AUS8 stainless steel is perfect for daily, heavy use.  The handle is comfortable and rugged.  The knife is nearly indestructible.  Looking for a great automatic conversion knife–consider the Kalashnikov.


Boker Folder Knives

We just put six different styles of Boker Folder Knives up on the shelves.  These knives are solid built, pocket knives that will perform.  Check out the pictures and order your favorite today.

Boker Mini Kalashnikov Auto Knives

Boker Mini Kalashnikov auto knives are in stock.  These little versions of the extremely popular Boker 74 Kalashnikov series are perfect for pocket carry.  Just the right size, the auto conversion Mini Kalashnikov knives have fast action and nice tight lock up.

Boker Mini Kalashnikov
Boker Mini Kalashnikov

The Straight Razor

Bear & Son RazorAbout 15 years ago I was given a straight razor.  It seemed cool when I opened the present.  It came with the razor, some old school powder that mixed into foam as well as a small brush to apply the foam.  It felt very old school.  Until I tried the razor.  Then it just felt painful. My face burned for the next few weeks as I kept trying to figure out the “trick” to using a straight razor.  I’m quite certain I didn’t know what the crap I was doing.

So over the past few years I have watched bemusedly as the straight razor craze has slowly grown.  We even started carrying a few razors from Bear & Son as well as Boker.  People are definitely buying these old style razors–I’m curious whether they are buying them for a collection or if they are using them on their faces.

We had a company rep in the other day that was explaining to us the intricacies of the straight razor.  Apparently, the best razors will bend slightly if you press them at about a 30 degree angle on your thumbnail.  Don’t get crazy here–you are pressing down to see if the razor bends just slightly–you aren’t actually trying to cut something.  If you cut your thumbnail, you did it wrong.  Don’t come crying.  The rep claimed that the very best razors will give you the closest shave you have ever had.  It could be true.  Or he could have been selling something. 

I may have to give the old straight razor another try.  It can’t be much worse than any of the three or four electric razors that feel like a bunch of tiny fingers individually pulling my face hairs out at high speed.  Whenever I talk to a razor company about how uncomfortable their electric razors are, they tell me that I must need new razor heads. I get a bit fired up when I hear this from them–those stupid machines feel like that right out of the box.  Maybe they should make a razor that actually works like they claim it will.   I absolutely hate shaving.  If anyone has had a great experience with any style of razor–let me know what they use.

To me, it seems that the buyers of straight razors are one of three things:

  1. Nostalgic Collectors
  2. Know something I don’t about how to use a straight razor
  3. Flat out crazy.

Maybe I will give the straight razor a try again–it couldn’t have hurt that much, could it have?

Boker Kalashnikov Auto Conversions

We have been a little low on Boker Kalashnikov Auto Conversion knives for a few weeks now.  The pipeline should be back in service.  Yesterday we got several of the black handle, plain edge blade and some of the desert handle with a part serrated desert blade.  Next week we should have some of the black handle with black plain blade and black part serrated blade.  Still hunting for the ever popular tanto blade. Get these knives while they are here–we are never sure how long we will be able to keep getting them in stock. 
A separate note on Boker knives.  It seems we should be getting a bunch of 54’s and 55’s in stock by the middle of next week.  We aren’t sure how many we will get for sure but at least a handful or two of each style.