Gerber GDC Zipper Pull Knife Review

Gerber GDC Zipper Pull Blade
Gerber GDC Zipper Pull Blade

The Gerber GDC Zip Blade gives you all the tool you need in a convenient, go anywhere package.  Sometimes, you just need a small blade to make a quick, utility cut.  Maybe you need to cut a string, or cut a piece of cardboard, or maybe you are just out on the job and you need to strip a wire real quick.  What do you do?  If you have the Gerber GDC zipper pull knife, you just detach the squat, utilitarian blade and make your cut.  Then you simply replace the zipper pull on your jacket or carry bag and you are good to go.

Just how good is this little knife?  Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.  The .67″ blade gives you enough cutting edge to cut nearly everything you run into in an office or even out and about.  The blade opens with a nail nick.  There is a small ball bearing in the framelock that allows the blade to open much more smoothly than you might expect.   It locks up with a frame lock.  The lock engages extremely well and keeps the blade from having any front to back movement.  There is no side to side movement at all.

The blade closes into an open frame body of 3Cr13 stainless steel with the classic Gerber grey finish that gives it a slightly tactical feel.  The blade pivot is an oversized black bolt with a rim of bright lime green.  Extending from the top of the handle body is a small strap that connects to the zipper pull.  The entire thing can be detached from the actual zipper attachment. The construction is good quality and the blade is hefty enough to get some serious cuts taken care of when the need arises.

This ingenious little blade lets you always be prepared.  And it looks stylish as well.  Get your Gerber GDC zipper pull blade here on our website.


  • Item # 31-001742
  • Overall Length: 2.26″
  • Blade Length: .68″
  • Closed Length: 1.70″
  • Steel Type: 7Cr17
  • Handle Material: 3Cr13
  • Weight: 1 Ounce

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Gerber Bear Grylls Combo Kit

Just in time for the holidays are several cool deals from Gerber Knives.  Pick up the extremely popular Bear Grylls Folding Survival Knife with a Bear Grylls Survival Bracelet in a package deal.  Get these two items in a package deal for just $49.   Or you can get the super handy Gerber Crucial Multi tool along with a Gerber Paraframe I Assist Open knife for just about the same price you would pay for the Crucial by itself. At just under $48 this is a screaming deal.  The third deal is a Guardian D2 3″ Folding clip knife along with a Tactical pen.  This pair can be had for under $25.  Pick your favorite combo deal and get your holiday shopping done early.  Check out these great deals here.

Great auto knives for left-handers! PART 2

G30-000378We are now going to visit another reputable knife manufacturer in the industry–Gerber and their DMF automatic 30-000378 and 30-000379. Gerber’s DMF, or Dual Multi Function, system offers those who are right or even left-hand dominant to open the knife with ease. The entire DMF auto line-up comes equipped with lightweight G-10 handles, a spine slide safety and a top-of-the-line S30V blade steel. The only difference you will find between these two work horses is the Gerber 30-000378 comes with modified clip-point blade and the Gerber 30-000379 comes with a tanto blade.

G30-000379Keep in mind that these models are completely USA made at their facility in Portland, Oregon and offer an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty. The pocket clip is reversible which is great option considering the ambidextrous design. This fantastic Gerber auto comes with a nylon sheath with velcro closure which you can easily carry on your belt.

For for information on a fantastic automatic knife for under $200, click here for the Gerber auto DMF 30-000378 modified clip point or click here for the Gerber auto DMF 30-000379 tanto.

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