Now introducing….Survive! Knives

SKGSO5.0TBKCSurvive! knives have quickly become one of the most popular and highly sought after knife brands on the market today. Specializing in high-end fixed blades and neck knives, Survive! knives have quickly caught the attention of many knife enthusiasts, but especially those who are big proponents of outdoor/survivalist knives.

SKGSO4.1BMM390CYBased out of Pennsylvania, Survive! knives owner Guy Seiferd stands behind his products 100% and offers a lifetime warranty just like many of the big manufacturers today. These elite fixed blades offer a wealth of options including bow drill divots, ferro notches, different micarta handle colors and even sheath colors. For blade steel they are utilizing mostly CPM 3V and even CPM 20CV–both offering superior edge retention, corrosion resistance and great impact strength for even the toughest of applications–just like a true fixed blade should be.

SKGSO5.1TBRBRThe most recent knives to hit our shelves has been the 6.75″ blade 7/7 model which is only just the 5th production model to be released from Survive! knives. Previously we have seen the necker knife, the 4.1 model, the 5 model and finally the 5.1 model. The model numbers due in fact correlate with the blade size so make sure you keep an eye out for future models such as the necker II, the 3.5 model, the 6 model and even the 10 model.

SKNECKBLKSKGSO7.7TBKBKAll in all, Survive! fixed blades have without a doubt earned their place in the knife industry and its exciting to see the demand grow for these almost on a weekly basis. To find out more information on Survive! knives feel free to visit them at and to check out the lastest selection here at BladeOps, make sure to click here

Cold Steel Outdoorsman Lite Knife

The Cold Steel Outdoorsman Lite was designed by Cold Steel as a less expensive alternative to their extremely popular Outdoorsman knife.  Built with the slightly thinner 4116 Krupp Stainless steel, the Lite is very similar in shape and feel to the original.  This is a great knife to carry in your outdoor bag.  Whether you are a camper, a hunter, a hiker, or are just looking for a solid, outdoor knife that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg–the Outdoorsman Lite by Cold Steel is definitely one to look at.

Item Number:  20PH
Name:  Outdoorsman Lite
Blade Length:  6″
Overall Length:  11″
Steel:  4116 Krupp Stainless
Weight:  5.7 oz
Blade Thickness:  3 mm
Handle:  5″ Long Polypropylene & KratonĀ®
Sheath:  Cordura Sheath

Browning Knives at

We recently started carrying the full line of Browning Knives here at  We also stock almost all of their flashlights.  The line of presentation knives and hunting knives is robust and each of the knives shows the quality and thought that has made the Browning line what it is today.  If you are looking for a great hunting knife, skinning knife, or all around good camp knife–you are sure to find something you like in our Browning Knife section.  One really nice thing about the LED flashlights Browning produces is that most of them come prepackaged with batteries–that is a great little extra.  Check them out and let us know what your favorite Browning knife is.  I’m partial to the Whitetail knives as well as the Backcountry Camp knife.  Also, watch our site for five extra special salesman sample knives.  Each of these is a limited edition knife that was produced in a serial number batch of 500.  Aside from the 500 knives, there were also 75 serial numbered knives produced that bear a serial number as well as the initials SS–which stands for salesman’s sample.  Each of these knives are high quality, collectibles that are sure to look great in a collection. 

BlackJack Knives Model 125 Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

We have carried some of the BlackJack Knives for several months now.  Up until now, we have just kept the folders in stock.  The folders made by BlackJack Knives are inexpensive and fairly robust.  This month, we began to stock the Model 125.  This is what they call a “heavy Hunter” knife.  And they have it right.  This is a heavy duty knife that is perfect for hunting chores.  It has a comfortable grip which will allow you to choke up on it.  The blade is built from A2 tool steel and comes razor sharp.  It is .215″ thick.  At almost a quarter of an inch thick, you can use this knife even on the biggest of game.  It comes with a very nice, leather sheath.  The Model 125 definitely lives up to the billing–a quality solid hunting knife at a resonable price. 
Black Micarta Handle with Pommel
Overall Length: 9.5 Inches
Blade Length: 5 Inches
Steel: A-2 Tool steel @ 58rc
Blade Thickness: .215 Inch
Weight: 7.5 Ounces

Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter Knife Series

The Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter knives are making some serious waves in the knife world.  Built around a friendship between Lloyd Pendleton and Lynn Thompson (president of Cold Steel) they have collaborated on this series of knives and created the Pendleton Custom Classic, the Pendleton Mini Hunter, the Pendleton Hunter, and the Pendleton Lite Hunter.  These knives duplicate the work that Lloyd has been producting with his knives for the past several decades.  Each of the four styles are built Cold Steel strong and come with Kydex sheaths instead of leather for greater durability and safety.
The Lite Hunter just won the Field & Stream Best of the Best 2010 award for the Hunting Knife category.  According to the author of the Field & Stream article, “The Pendleton Lite Hunter is so good that the price is actually a distraction; you can become fixated on how little it costs rather than on how well it works.”
Regardless of which Pendleton knife you choose, you will be well satisfied with this knife series.  They are fantastic.