Kershaw Scallions in Color

Kershaw Olive Drab Scallion
Kershaw Olive Drab Scallion

The Kershaw Scallion spring assist knife has been around for quite some time–and for good reason.  This popular knife features a just right 2.25″ blade and is lightweight enough to be a comfortable and convenient pocket carry knife.  This is the type of knife you want for every day cutting tasks whether it is opening boxes, cutting rope or opening a package.  If you’ve never used a SpeedSafe knife (this is the Kershaw spring assist system) you are in for a treat–the Scallion opens fast.  Just pull back on the blade protrusion and the blade snicks out and locks up nice and tight via the framelock.
Now you can have this awesome every day carry knife in a bunch of new colors including Olive Drab, Navy Blue or Purple.  Check out these new colors on our website here.

The new knives feature anodized aluminum handles that are scratch resistant.  Throw in the fantastic high carbon stainless steel blade and you have a knife that will perform for years.  Plus it has a secondary blade lock in the form of the Tip-Lock for maximum pocket safety.  

Kershaw One Ton Knife — Review

Kershaw One-Ton Knife
Kershaw One-Ton Knife

A few months ago, a neighbor of mine was looking for a couple of manual folder knives to give as gifts to some relatives or another.  When she asked me what I would recommend I asked her what she wanted in a knife.  She wasn’t sure about the details but here are the things she wanted.

  1. Reasonably priced
  2. Durable
  3. Big
  4. USA Made
  5. Warranty

Immediately the Kersahw One-Ton came to mind.  I made the recommendation and she picked up two of them.
Here are the advantages the One-Ton knife gives you.  First, it is made in the USA and it carries the Kershaw Limited Lifetime Warranty.  At well under $30.00 on our website, the knife is definitely affordable.  But here are the real advantages of the knife.
It is big.  Very big.  Open, it measures in at 7 7/8″ with a 3 1/4″ blade that gives you all the cutting edge you need for even the biggest jobs.  The clip point blade is extra wide.  From the sharp edge to the spine it measures 1 3/8″ giving you a blade that is built for slicing.  And then there is the handle.  The lower scale of the handle is built of 410 stainless steel and the upper scale is black G-10.  It gives you the perfect blend of strength and grip.

The blade locks up tight with the framelock system.  The frame lock is very solid and keeps the blade open when you want it to stay that way.  I open the blade with the dual thumb studs.  With a bit of practice, you can open this knife easily with one hand occupied doing other things such as holding whatever needs cutting.

Toss in the lanyard hole and the tip up/tip down reversible clip and you have an incredibly versatile knife that is built for heavy use. If you find yourself looking for a big, solid knife that carries a solid warranty and can be picked up for around $26.00–check out the One-Ton by Kershaw.  Need something a bit smaller–don’t forget to look at the Half-Ton or the 3/4-Ton.  Great knives at incredible prices.

Kershaw Junkyard Dog 2.2, Composite Blade, KS1725CB Knife Review

Kershaw Junkyard Dog
Kershaw Junkyard Dog

The Kershaw Junkyard Dog II Flipper knife, model 1725CB, features a composite blade made of two steels to give you high performance cutting and a strong spine.  The high performance Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel on the spine has an increased amount of nitrogen in the mix to give it maximum corrosion resistance as well as high hardness for durability.  The cutting edge is high carbon high chomium D2 steel.  The best of two worlds combined into one blade with attitude.

This USA made knife also has two black G-10 scales with tons of texture to give you a solid, secure grip whatever the circumstances. Built for speed, performance and reliability, you snap this blade out by pressing the flipper and then giving the knife a slight flick of the wrist.  The blade locks into the open position nice and tight via the liner lock.
With an overall length of 8 1/2″, the Junkyard Dog is a rough and tumble knife built for heavy daily use.  Get one in your hand and you’ll instantly see why they call it the Junkyard Dog.