Giant Halo Knife

This Microtech Giant Halo knife is amazing–check it out on our website.  Here’s the quick history.  Every couple of years or so, Microtech makes a Giant series of one of their knives.  This time around they decided to make the Giant Halo.  This is a fully working out the front knife that works just like the regular size version.  Watch for an upcoming video.

Blast From the Past–Microtech QD Scarab

Microtech Custom QD Scarab
Microtech Custom QD Scarab

So last week I traded a knife with a good friend of mine.  He got a knife I had that he really wanted and I got this Microtech QD Scarab.  We both walked away from the trade feeling like we had gotten a great deal.  This knife is serial number 043 from 04/2003.  The pocket clip shows the Marfione dagger, the serial number, the date as well as A. Marfione.  The handle is a dark gray anodized aluminum and the insert is carbon fiber.  In my mind, it creates a nice, subdued classy look with the dark gray color of the carbon fiber just slightly accented by the slightly darker grey anodized aluminum.  The hardware is a bright polished color that sets off the handle nicely.  The glass breaker at the end is offset to one side.

The blade is a Damascus, single edge drop point.  About 1/3 of the way from the handle up the blade the Scarab logo is engraved.  It could easily be my favorite part of the knife. It looks spectacular. 

Our Blast From the Past series is going to highlight cool old knives that either we have or one of our readers has in their collection.  If you have a great knife that you want featured in our Blast From the Past series–send pictures of the knife and a short description of the knife by email to

Microtech Manual Select Fire–Pre Production Model

Microtech Select Fire

 At the Blade Show, we had the chance to pick up a limited number of the Microtech Select Fire (Manual Version) that are labeled Pre-Production.  This is a pretty cool chance for a collector to get their hands on an item that doesn’t come around so often.  Plus, the Microtech Select Fire-M won the “Most Innovative American Design” at the 2011 Blade Show.
This knife features an aluminum handle with carbon fiber inserts on the front side. It also has a colored anodized spacer on the spine. The nested locking liner is solid–heavy duty and durable. This model features a bead blast finish tanto blade of S35-VN stainless steel. The blade has an individual serial number as well as “PRE-PRODUCTION” on the blade below the serial number. Here is what we love about the Select Fire: Heavy duty jimping on the blade ramp that gives you tons of grip for your hand, extra deep finger choil that gives you one of the most solid grips we have felt on a knife in years, and an ergonomic handle that is just perfect.


Overall Length: 9″
Blade Length: 3.5″
Blade Steel: S35-VN, Bead Blast Finish
Handle Material: Aluminum, Black
Handle Length: 5.5″
Weight: 5.8 oz.