Microtech Ultratech Out The Front Knives

Just in, several dozen different Microtech Ultratech knives including the 122-1, 122-4 as well as six variations with purple handles and three with blue handles.  Check out one of the best-selling out the front knives of all time and get yours quick–the demand on these is huge and they will move fast.

If you have never had the chance to see an Ultratech in action, check out our most recent video about them on our YouTube channel.

These are fantastic knives built with quality components. If you love knives, you will love the Ultratech.


**A quick note about Microtech knives.  If you have ever wondered what the numbers mean, the first set of three numbers in the product code refer to the knife and general blade style.  For instance, a Microtech 122 always refers to an Ultratech with a dual edge blade.  The 123 will always refer to an Ultratech with a tanto blade.  The second set of numbers typically runs from 1 through 12.  This refers to the blade finish and blade edge style.  For example:

-1  Black DLC finish, plain edge

-2  Black DLC finish, combo edge

-3  Black DLC finish, fully serrated edge (on a dual edge blade one edge is fully serrated the other is standard–plain)

-4  Satin, plain

-5  Satin, Combo

-6  Satin, Fully Serrated

-7  Bead Blast, Plain

-8  Bead Blast, Combo

-9  Bead Blast, Fully Serrated

-10  Stonewash, Plain

-11 Stonewash, Combo

-12  Stonewash, Fully Serrated.

So if you are looking for a dual edge Ultratech with a bead blast edge and partially serrated edges (combo) you want a Microtech 122-8.  On the other hand, if you were looking for a Daytona with a dual edge blade with a bead blast finish and a standard edge–you would want the 126-7.

Microtech Semi Custom Ultratech and Scarab Knives

Semi Custom Ultratech
Semi Custom Ultratech

Every once in a while, Microtech does a small run of semi custom knives that are meant to be sold as a set.  Just in, the newest addition from Microtech.  An extremely limited number of Ultratech and Scarab OTF knives were produced with stainless steel Damascus blades and carbon fiber top covers.  They also have blued titanium hardware.  If you buy the pair, you will get matching serial numbers.  These knives are incredible.  Check them out on our website and get your order in fast, because they are going to be gone soon.

Panther and Top Gun II OTF Knives back in stock

Just got the Panther Out the Front Knife and the Top Gun II Out The Front Knife back in stock. Both of these have black tactical dagger style blades with plain edges. The Top Gun II has grip tape on the handle for maximum grip and the Panther has a slimmer profile. They both have glass breakers and pocket clips.  Both work just great and at the price are fantastic deals.


White Lightning OTF Knives

Just in, some of the very popular Taiwanese Lightning OTF knives in a new White handle configuration.  If you are looking for an out the front knife for under $50.00, the Lightning is the champion.  Check out the new lightning and several more new colors to come in the next few days.

White Lightning OTF Knife
White Lightning OTF Knife

Microtech Zombie Ultratech Series

Microtech Zombie Ultratech
Microtech Zombie Ultratech

One of the most popular OTF knife series ever is now available in a Zombie Apocalypse design.  Same great design and materials.  Finished in a toxic green with a red splatter pattern, these Ultratech out the front knives are availabe in very limited quantities–be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse and get your special edition Ultratech while they last.

Giant Halo Knife

This Microtech Giant Halo knife is amazing–check it out on our website.  Here’s the quick history.  Every couple of years or so, Microtech makes a Giant series of one of their knives.  This time around they decided to make the Giant Halo.  This is a fully working out the front knife that works just like the regular size version.  Watch for an upcoming video.

Lightning OTF Knives in Various Colors

So we just received the rest of our Lightning OTF knives into stock. These are in a wide variety of colors including red, tan, gunmetal grey and lime green. Of course we have the standard black also. Check out the full line of Lightning Out The Front Knives on our website. These are Taiwanese and have incredibly fast action and nice tight lock up. Easily one of our favorite low cost OTF knives.