Limited Run Microtech SCARAB OTF Knives

Microtech just barely released a Limited Run of Executive SCARAB out the front knives.  These knives have DLC coated black tactical S30V blades.  Other than that–you just need to check these out for yourselves.  There hasn’t been any Scarabs released by Microtech for a while now and with these availble, I am sure they will go fast.  Available in black or red handles.

Microtech UTX70 Out the Front Knife with Damascus Blade

Occasionally, Microtech will produce a special run of knives.  Just a day or so ago, we put the newest special run of out the front knives that Microtech has produced into stock.  The UTX70 with a Damascus blade is an amazing piece of art, as well as being a great knife.  The MT149-DAM is a limited run edition of UTX70’s that have a Damascus steel blade, with a tanto point, as well as bronzed hardware.  The 70 is a very small version of the ever popular Ultratech knife that has been the flagship knife for Microtech for so many years. 
This knife measures in at 6.75″ when fully open and the blade is 2.375″ long.  One of the smallest production OTF knives currently on the market, if not the smallest, this model is sure to become an instant collector’s classic.  It is made by Microtech, it is part of a limited run, it has a special Damascus blade, and it has the bronzed hardware.  Get your’s while they last–they are going very fast.

Blade: 2.375″
Overall: 6.75″
Weight: 1.4 oz.
Blade: Single Plain Edge, Tanto Point, Damascus

Tumult OTF Knives back in stock!

We were able to get several of the Benchmade H&K knives back in stock.  The Tumult, if you don’t already know, is an out the front knife built by Benchmade as part of their H&K line of knives.  This OTF has good solid action.  It is a dual action OTF, which means the slide trigger on the side of the handle opens and closes the knife.  It is made with a variety of blade styles, either with a black finish or the ever classic stainless look.  And either of these blades can be found with a plain edge or with partial serrations.  This is a great all around OTF knife. 

Knife Category: OTF, Out the Front Knife

Blade Style: Drop Point, Plain Edge or Part Serrated
Action: Slide Trigger, Dual Action
Blade Length: 3.5″
Blade Thickness: .100″
Blade Material:D2 Tool Steel (60-62 HRC)
Open Length: 8.10″
Closed Length: 4.6″
Weight: 3 Ounces
Handle Thickness: 1/2″
Handle Width: 15/16″
Handle Material: Black 60601T Aluminum
Clip: Tip Down
Lock Mechanism: Opens and Closes with Slide trigger
Safety: None
Glass Breaker: None
Sheath Material: Comes in H&K Silk drawstring Bag

Microtech Custom Color UTX 70 OTF Knives

Microtech recently ran a small run of UTX 70 out the front knives in a variety of colored handles.  These extremely popular knives are very limited in number and if you have been looking for one–you may want to move fast.
The UTX 70 is patterned after the Ultratech.  At about 70% the size of a full Ultratech, these knives are extremely small.  Highly sought after by collectors, Microtech knives with colored handles are few and far between.  If you want one, we currently have them in Aqua, Purple, Dark Green (think forest green or even darker), and Dark Orange (this could be my favorite of the bunch.  Our pictures aren’t turning out real good on this color–but it is more of a dark burnt orange color).  The Red handled UTX 70’s sold out in the first two days.

Microtech Nemesis IV, Out The Front Knife

Microtech just released a limited run of their Nemesis IV Out the Front Knife.  This knife is absolutely amazing, and since there were only 100 produced in this limited run, it is sure to become an instant collector’s classic.   Built with a bead blast, hand ground blade with dual edges, the Nemesis has a triangle shaped indent at the top of the groove in the middle of the blade.  This triangle shape–one of the Nemesis features–is repeated throughout the blade and handle.  You can also find this distinctive feature on the trigger button, which is flush with the handle and at the middle of the stepped slide safety.
Each of these knives has a serial number that you can find on the retractor.  After you fire the blade, to reset it, you push on a small lever mounted on the side of the handle and then pull on the retractor that is at the base of the handle.  This action is similar to the Halo series of knives that Microtech has produced.  The difference is that the retractor is only half of the handle base instead of the full base.  As you pull the retractor out, the blade is pulled back into the cocked position.  On the back of the retractor it reads, “A. Marfione 06/2010 NEMESIS IV S/N …” with the three dots representing your individual serial number.
On the handle of the Nemesis IV you will find various spots of jimping on each side.  This gives you tons of gripping power on the handle.  On the front of the handle there is a dagger logo.  All around, this is easily one of the best single action out the front knives I have ever had the pleasure of holding.  There are an extremely limited number of the Nemesis IV and if you want one for your collection you probably want to move fast.  Watch the video on our site to get a great idea of what this knife is all about.

Lightning OTF Knife, Red

For quite some time now, the Lightning Out the Front knife has not only been one of our very best selling knives, it has also been one of the most durable we have found.  It has definitely withstood the test of time.  Almost every day, someone calls in and asks, “What is the best Out the Front knife you guys sell?”  This is always a tough question because a lot of the answer depends on the purpose of the knife as well as the budget of the buyer.  For instance, if I were a Navy Seal and wanted an OTF knife that I could use underwater, that would withstand the rigors of military life, and that would perform when my very life depended on it–I would shell out the $600.00 that a Microtech Navy Scarab Knife is going to cost and I would do it with a smile on my face.  Because if I were in that situation, that knife is, in my mind, the very best OTF knife that I am going to find. 
But, if I am just looking for a really great, dependable Out the Front knife that isn’t going to set me back several hundred dollars, the knife I would buy is the Lightning OTF.  It has incredibly tight action, it is durable and dependable, and it is loads of fun.  Besides all of that, I can get one for less than a movie and dinner.  It is currently available in the orignial black handle, a red handle with a partially serrated blade, a camo handle with a partially serrated blade or a tan handle.  Whichever color you decide to go with, I am quite certain that you will fully enjoy this great OTF knife.

Microtech Troodon OTF Knife

Microtech just recently started making their Troodon knife that was their flagship knife back in 2006.  If you aren’t sure what makes it so popular, you have got to get one of these into your hands.  Made just like the Combat Troodon, but a smaller size–the Troodon out the front knife is about the perfect size for everyday use. 
I picked one of these up yesterday as I was taking the pictures for the website and thought, “Wow, that could easily be my favorite out the front ever.”  I started working with it, taking the measurements and as I did, I realized that it may be a little early to say, but I think I may have just found my new favorite out the front knife.  Don’t get me wrong, the other Microtech OTF knives are all just as well built out of the same quality materials.  But the Troodon seems to be the perfect size.  And with the quality construction that Microtech puts into the job, you know it will perform.  Check this knife out quick, there aren’t a lot available and who knows when they will become available again.

Knife Category: OTF

Blade Style: Double Edged Spear Point
Action: Out the Front, Double Action
Blade Length: 2 7/8″
Blade Material: S30V Stainless Steel, DLC Black Coat
Open Length: 7 3/16″ (7 5/8″ with Glass Breaker)
Closed Length: 4 3/16″ (4 5/8″ with Glass Breaker)
Weight: 2.8 Ounces
Handle Thickness: 1/2″
Handle Width: 7/8″
Handle Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum, Black
Clip: Tip Down
Lock Mechanism: Double Action Trigger
Safety: Double Action Trigger
Glass Breaker: Removable
Sheath Material: Black Nylon