New Piranha Knife Announcement–Bodyguard Prowler

Brand new and soon to arrive in the store–the Piranha Bodyguard Prowler automatic knife features a single edge dagger style blade.  Like every Piranha knife, this knife will open fast and lock up tight via a push button on the front handle scale.  The handle is a slightly tapered coffin style handle with protruding matching quillions near the top of the handle to keep your hand on the handle.  The 6061-T6 anodized aluminum handle has some serious texture pattern on the front–similar to the recently released Predator series.  Available in all the classic Piranha colors including black, tactical black, blue marble, plum marble, red marble, green marble, orange marble, camo and silver,  the Bodyguard Prowler is sure to please.  It will come with either a stonewash finished blade or black tactical finished blade and can be found with a straight or combo edge.  The stonewash variations should be in store within a week to ten days and the black finished blades are about a month out.  Find it here.  Titanium pocket clip and all stainless steel pins and screws.

Blade: 3.3″
Overall: 7.7″
Closed: 4.4″
Weight: 3.14 oz

piranha knife bodyguard Prowler card (2)


Silver Handled Piranha Knives

Silver Handle Piranha Mini Guard
Silver Handle Piranha Mini Guard

Piranha just released their newest creations–silver handled models of all their knives.  Many of them have shown up on our shelves over the past few days and are available if you are looking.  These knives mostly feature black finished blades but a few of the models are available with mirror finish blades.  I think the look of the black blade with a silver finished anodized aluminum handle is a great look.  If you haven’t ever owned a Piranha, here are a few things I love about the knives.  They are extremely durable.  Built with anodized aluminum handles, they can stand up to a beating.  My friend has been carrying a Piranha Pocket for about four years now and aside from the obvious use wear you would expect to see on a well used blade, the knife looks just as good as it did when he first got it.  They open incredibly fast.  The spring mechanism is powerful and snaps the blade out lightning fast. The price is right–Piranha knives are a great value purchase.  Finally, they are available in enough different styles and sizes that you can always find one that works for your needs.   Check out the new silver handle versions and let me know what you think.

Piranha Fingerling Auto Knives

Piranha makes spectacular automatic knives.  The Fingerling knife is the smaller version of the larger Pocket. This smaller auto knife combines a unique style with utility for a great performing knife.  Known for amazingly fast spring action, the Piranha knives lock up tight and stay that way.  Built with a 154CM stainless steel blade in either a mirror, bead blast, or black tactical finish, the Fingerling is also available in each of these configurations with serrations or with a standard plain edge.   One really nice thing about the Fingerling knife is that all of the edges are chamfered for maximum comfort.


Length, Open: 6.0″
Length, Closed: 3.375″
Blade Length: 2.625″
Blade Material: 154-CM , plain edge,
Handle Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum ,
Locking Method: Button Lock
Opening Method: Push Button
Clip: Yes, Titanium
Weight: 1.8 oz

Piranha Pocket Automatic Knife, Green Handle, Mirror Drop Point Blade, P-1G

AMC Piranha makes some really fantastic automatic knives.  The Piranha Pocket, sometimes also known as the P1, is definitely their flagship knife.  Measuring in at a very healthy 7.5″ overall, this auto knife is big enough to get the heavy work done but still small enough and light enough to carry comfortably in your pocket as an everyday carry knife.    The blade on the Pocket is made of 154-CM stainless steel.  On the model pictured, the P-1G, the Pocket has been built with a Green handle and a mirror finish on the blade.  You can also buy the Piranha knives with a black tactical wash finish or with a bead blast finish.  The handle on the Pocket is constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum.  Built in an extremely ergonomic shape, the handle is comfortable and easy to hold onto. The Pocket also comes with a pocket clip so you can carry it in your pocket.  Just like the name says.  If you are looking for a good, solid auto knife, consider a Piranha.

Piranha Pocket, P1
Length, Open: 7.5″
Length, Closed: 4.25″
Blade Length: 3.25″
Blade Material: 154-CM , Mirror Finish,
Handle Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum , Red
Locking Method: Inset Button (to prevent accidental opening)
Opening Method: Push Button
Clip: Yes, Titanium
Weight: 2.4 oz

What You Can Expect from a Piranha Knife?

Piranha Automatic Knives.  What are they and what can you expect from one?  Piranha Knife Company has been quietly producing high quality auto knives for quite some time now.  And they stand behind their product.
Their first knife, known as the Pocket or sometimes as the P1, set the standard and the stage for what was to come.  The Pocket is a mid sized, side open automatic that has some really great things about it.  First, the handles.  You may have noticed that the handle on Piranha knives come in a huge variety of colors.  Blue, green, plum, red, pink, and of course black.  The handles are made of ribbed aircraft aluminum with a Type III hard anodized hard coat.  The really great thing about the color is that it goes all the way through the handle.  I have a friend who has been carrying a green Fingerling for a while.  After time, scratches inevitably happen.  His green Fingerling almost doesn’t show the scratches because the color is deep into the handle.  A very nice touch.
The next great thing about a Piranha knife is the spring.  Every one of their knives that I have held and used has had an incredibly strong spring.  Not strong as in, “wow, that spring is nice.”  I mean strong as in, “Holy crap, that is the fastest, strongest spring I think I have ever seen.”  Their knives open extremely fast, and extremely strong.  The first time you trigger a Piranha, make sure you are holding on to the knife properly.  Have you ever had a friend ask to hold your automatic knife and then as he tries to trigger it, you are thinking, “Oh great, that is going to snap open, pop out of his hands, and he is going to drop my knife.”  Well, if you are going to lend your Piranha to a friend, you may want to do some extra coaching.  Their springs are really good.  And the blades lock up tight. 
Piranha knives come with a variety of blade finishes.  You can get most models with a plain edge blade or a part serrated blade.  And you can also get most models with a mirror finish, a bead blast finish, or a black wash finish.  Whichever blade style and finish you choose, it comes in a 154 CM stainless steel and is extremely sharp right out of the box. 

And now for the models of Piranha available.
The Pocket.  The original side open automatic by Piranha.  Always a great choice.  This mid sized opener continues to be a classic.
The Fingerling.  (P2)  A smaller version of the Pocket, this is a great small carry knife.  Gets the job done. 
The Bodyguard.  A side open automatic knife with a more rounded handle.  Easy to hold.  Fabulous knife.
The Mini-Bodyguard.  A smaller version of the Bodyguard.  Could be one of the most popular models of all.  Fits in a pocket and can handle just about any job, big or small.
The Excalibur.  An out the front, double action knife.  It opens and closes with the trigger which is set on the top of the handle.  Has nice strong action. 
The Amazon.  An large model, side open automatic knife.  Made with grip grooves in the handle.  Has a great feel and look to it.

A.M.C. Piranha makes great automatic knives.  If you have never seen one of their knives, it is time to check one out.  What can you expect from a Piranha automatic knife?  You can expect excellence, functionality, and durability.  You can expect to be pleased and satisfied.  You can expect a great knife.

Piranha Bodyguard Automatic Knife

Piranha automatic knives have great, fast action.  They are made strong and sturdy.  And, they carry well.  For an all around carry knife, a Piranha is one to look at.  We just got some of the Piranha Bodyguard knives into the store.  They are difficult to get ahold of.  These auto knives are mid sized and look and feel great in your hands.


Blade: 3.3″
Overall: 7.7″
Weight: 2.8 oz

Piranha Auto Knives

We just recieved a bunch of Piranha automatic knives yesterday afternoon. These are a variety of Pockets, Fingerlings, and a few Amazons. Each of these knives, like all of Piranha automatic knives, have incredibly strong action and nice tight lock up. They all have T6 6061 aluminum handles that come in a variety of colors. The models we got in yesterday mostly have black coated plain edge blades. Find your favorite Piranha automatic knife and get yours today.