Smith & Wesson SWATL Assist Knife Review

Smith & Wesson SWATL
Smith & Wesson SWATL assist knife

The Smith & Wesson SWAT knives have been delighting knife lovers for quite some time.  Built with the MAGIC assist mechanism, these assist knives blast open with some serious force.

The 3.7″ stainless steel drop point blade gives you a serious blade for serious cutting chores.  The blade opens with the ambidextrous thumb studs.  Or, better yet, you can open the blade with the spine flipper.  The blade snaps out as fast as most automatic knives.  Lock up is nice and tight with a well constructed liner lock.  When the blade is open, you can slide the safety on the front handle scale which then locks the blade in the open position, giving you extra blade security when making heavy cuts.

The handle is anodized aluminum with a natural silver color.  This is nicely accented with grip tape inserts which give you amazing grip on the already comfortably ergonomic handle.  There is mild jimping in all the usual places.  The butt of the handle boasts a countersunk lanyard hole for alternate carry.

The pocket clip is extra wide.  Set in the tip down, right hand carry position, the clip is removable, but not reversible.

This full size assist knife is perfect for anyone looking for a big, well built, durable knife for daily carry and heavy use.  I especially like the blade open speed.  A classic shaped knife under the Smith & Wesson banner.  Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Check it out here on our website.

Microtech Custom Halo V OTF Knife Review — Quick Review


Microtech Custom Halo V
Microtech Custom Halo V

Just in is this spectacular custom piece from Marfione Custom Knives.  Anthony Marfione, the owner of Microtech Knives creates stellar custom pieces under the Marfione Custom label.  Each of these knives are built by him and meet his exacting standards for quality.

This Custom Halo V features a carbon fiber chassis.  The 30K layered carbon fiber handle is accented with a titanium button guard onlay that highlights the trigger button which also boasts a carbon fiber inlay.

The spear point blade has a high polish finish and carbon fiber inlay along the top edge.  The blade fires fast and lock up is exactly what you would expect from a high end collectors knife from Marifone.

Custom Halo V Charging Handle
Custom Halo V Charging Handle

The charging handle bears the Marfione Dagger logo.

This special custom piece comes in a zipper pouch that has a dagger logo cutout attached to the front via velcro.  The dagger logo cutout matches the special Certificate of Authenticity.  All of it comes in the new, high quality rare earth closed presentation box.  This knife is built for the knife collector who demands the best.  Find it on our website here.


Kershaw Funxion Outdoor Spring Assist Knife Review — Quick Review

Kershaw Funxion Outdoor
Kershaw Funxion Outdoor Assist Knife

The Kershaw Funxion Outdoor assist knife boasts a drop point blade with a standard edge.  The blade springs out fast with a slight tug on the spine flipper.  Once started, the SpeedSafe assist system takes over and flips the blade out quickly and smoothly.  Lock up is extremely tight via a liner lock.

The green anodized aluminum handle features a black traction insert that adds a bit of style to an already good looking knife.  At the butt of the handle, there are two additional tools aside from the main blade.  An aggressive toothed saw along with an integrated carabiner sit nestled in the handle for easy open and use.

The blade is designed for heavy, all around use.  Constructed of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel with a satin finish, the blade is perfect for daily use as well as camping and other outdoor activities.  The blade can be opened with the flipper or with the thumb stud.

This all around knife is perfect for knife carriers that wouldn’t mind access to a couple extra tools.  The overall weight of the knife is quite light–it only weighs about 5 ounces–which means it isn’t going to burden your pocket too much.  Check it out on our website here.  Let me know what you think of yours below.


Ka-Bar Zombie Killer War Sword — Quick Review

Ka-Bar Zombie War Sword
Ka-Bar Zombie War Sword, model #5701

Ka-Bar is a veritable icon when it comes to combat knives.  Having produced some of the most recognizable war knives since 1898, they have now entered the war against Zombies.  The Zombie Killer War Sword is a prime example  of Ka-Bar’s willingness to lead from the front in the battle for survival from brain eating menaces that seem to roam the world of our collective imagination.

The Zombie “War” Sword features a 9 11/16″ blade and has an overall length of 15 1/4″ giving you all the reach you need to take out the mindless attackers without getting close enough for them to unscrew your skull cap.  The blade, like each of the knives in the Original Zombie series is 1095 Cro-Van with a black finish.  The handle is toxic green glass filled nylon so you keep a good grip on your battle weapon even if things get a little slimy.  A little bonus that Ka-Bar has decided to throw into the package for free is the included black scales (in case you need to do a little Ninja work in your fight against the Zombies) as well as a skeletonized Acheron knife that is a great little 6 3/8″ fixed blade knife.

Made in the USA, the Ka-Bar “War” sword allows you to join the battle against the encroaching evil. Be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse with your new “War” sword.  And while you wait for the encroaching, shuffle mob with no brains, this hefty knife will be perfect to help you get your camp set up.  A perfect chopping, clearing, cleaning, and all around useful tool.  Check it out on our website here.  And let me know, down below, how your battle against the Zombies is going.

Marfione Custom Halo V OTF Knife — Snapshot Knife Review

Microtech Custom Halo V
Microtech Custom Halo V

Easily one of the most spectacular knives to have crossed my desk in the past few months, the brand new, custom Marfione Halo V knife is everything a collector’s piece should be.  The stainless steel handle is finished perfectly with a tear drop piece of Devin Thomas Damascus around the trigger button.  The trigger button and a small strip on the charging handle both have inlaid black lip pearl.  And to top off this masterpiece, the blade is a Devin Thomas Damascus with a basket weave pattern.  The single edge blade has the unique Nightmare grind.  This is a blade to behold.  Very few of these were produced.  Check it out on our website here.  And enjoy the detail pictures.

Boker Thorn MokuTi Frame Lock Knife Review

Boker 113210
Boker Thorn 113210 Moku-Ti FrameLock Knife

Boker had an incredibly succesful knife in the Anso 67 Mokuti.  Produced in 2012, this limited run sold out in just a couple of days.  The Thorn Mokuti comes to market as a continuation of the Mokuti series from Boker.  A Jim Burke design, the Thorn boasts a front scale of Mokuti and a back scale which is titanium wrapped with Mokuti.

If you haven’t heard of Mokuti, it is, according to Boker, “a unique damask like welded composite of two titanium alloys.”  There are only a few blacksmiths in the world who can produce this unique blend.  Chad Nichols is one of these talented blacksmiths who use a complex forging process that creates this incredibly rare and extremely durable titanium laminate.  The Chad Nichcols website reads that Moku-Ti is, “A Titanium Laminate made from Commercially Pure titanium and the allow 6Al-4V.” And, the final product has a unique look that is highly sought after by knife collectors around the world.  This Jim Burke designed framelock knife highlights the complex and beautiful Mokuti in a skillful, artistic manner that is certain to delight knife collectors the world over.

The front handle scale is all Mokuti.  The back handle scale is a titanium frame lock wrapped in Mokuti–creating a delightful look that is unique in all the world.  The Thorn features a spear point, hollow ground blade of CPM-S35VN with a finely polished two tone finish.  Each blade proudly has the serial number marked on it.  Only 199 of these knives were produced for the US market.  Each knife comes in a special wood presentation box along with a certificate of authenticity.

So the real question arises–how does it perform?  This unique framlock knife weighs only 3.09 ounces.  So when you first pick it up, you may be surprised at how light it feels.  Titanium is a chemical element that is referred to with the symbol Ti.  It has a very low density, a high strength, and is highly resistant to corrosion.  Often it is alloyed with iron, aluminum, vanadium, molybdenum as well as other elements to produce extremely strong yet lightweight alloys.  These alloys are most often used in military and industrial applications.  In fact, many jet engines, missiles and spacecraft use titanium.   Titanium is most valued because of its corrosion resistance and the fact that it has the highest strength to density ration of any metallic element.   In other words, if you need a lightweigth alloy that can take a beating you probably want titanium.  So the handle scales are durable.  The MokuTi blend makes them look great.  And, the shape that Jim Burke has designed makes for a very comfortable hold.  The lower half of the handle swells out into a comfortable, modified palm swell.  The very end of the handle tapers to a point.  Just above the point, there is a lanyard hole for alternate carry.

The blade has a nail nick for easy open.  The 2.6″ blade opens smooth.  Once fully opened, the framelock clicks firmly into position.  The inside edge of the framelock is slightly beveled to allow your thumb easy access when you want to disengage the framelock mechanism.  An easy push unlocks the blade and the blade closes as smoothly as it opens.  A ball detent locks the blade firmly in the closed position.  The blade steel, S-35VN is one of the most advanced blade steels on the market today.  It offers high corrosion resistance, extremely high durability as well as toughness.  It also has incredible wear resistance.  All of these properties make it one of the most sought after blade steels around.  The two tone (blade has a high polish finish and the high spots have a stonewash finish) finished blade has the Boker tree logo on the front along with the words BOKER Manufaktur Solingen S35VN GERMANY.  On the back the blade displays the JB logo (Jim Burke) as well as US xxx/199 with the xxx being the individual serial number of that particular knife.   This is a unique, well designed, high quality knife that is clearly limited in availability.  Because of these properties, it is certain to be a hit among collectors.


Overall Length: 6.25″
Blade Length: 2.6″
Blade Steel: CPM S-35VN 
Handle: Mokuti, Titanium Frame
Designer: Jim Burke
Weight: 3.09 Ounces

Benchmade 178SBK SOCP Fixed Blade Knife Review

Benchmade SOCP Knife
Benchmade SOCP Knife, single edge defensive tool. BEN178SBK

The Benchmade 178 SOCP knife has been designed by Greg Thompson as the ultimate and optimal tool for self defense.  Built as the single edge alternative to the incredibly popular 176 series–also part of the SOCP line of knives with a dagger blade–the 178 gives you the utility of a single edge fixed blade as well as providing a defensive tool regardless of what life throws at you.  SOCP is pronounced SOCK-pe.  It stands for Special Operations Combatives Program and was developed by Greg Thompson, after spending years working with the US Army’s Special Operations Forces.  After countless encounters and combat situations a pattern emerged.  Individuals needed a combat technique that gave them the ability to fight in full kit with weapons, to transition from any position, to deal with attacks from multiple assailants and from any direction.

In other words, operators needed a system to fight in close combat situations that correlated with real world situations.  Out of this, came Greg Thompson’s SOCP program.  An integral part of that program includes gear and tools that allows users to perform to their highest abilities regardless of the circumstances.  One of these tools is the SOCP knife.

The knife is a single piece of 440C stainless steel with a black finish.  At one end, there is an oversized finger hole that works perfect for hands or for hands with combat gloves on.  On the butt side of the hole there is a small raised extension (very small) that has jimping across the face.  This serves as a control point for your thumb when you hold the SOCP in a classic reverse grip.  The finger hole is followed by a 2.5″ handle that consists of three matching finger grooves on both sides of the handle.  With your thumb on the end and your forefinger in the finger hole, your remaining three fingers rest perfectly in the finger grooves.  The knife can be held sharp edge forward or backward–either grip is identical with the only difference being the direction of the sharp edge.  After the handle, the blade extends 3.25″ with the sharp edge taking up 2.5″ of this distance.  The end of the blade ends in a sharp tip that serves for heavy piercing cuts.  The edge is designed for slashing cuts.  A 1″ section of the blade has serrations which makes the SOCP perfect as a utility knife for cutting cords, straps, etc.

Because of the geometry and size of the blade and handle, the SOCP allows the user to create space.  The biggest problem in a close combat situation is getting to the maximum tool available.  An attacker launches at you unexpectedly and grapples you around your shoulders.  He is preventing you from drawing your duty weapon.  But, hands are free to grab at the slim profile SOCP.  You merely place your forefinger into the hole and pull.  Instantly, you have a tool in your hands that allows you to slash, stab and create space.  Once space has been created, an issue that arose for many operators was what to do with the weapon.  Do you drop your knife in order to draw your pistol?  If so, do you have time to fully draw your pistol before your assailant gets back into your space?  The SOCP solves this problem because you can draw and use your pistol even while still holding onto the SOCP knife.

The SOCP fixed blade comes with a black or sand sheath.  The sheath has an attached, deep carry pocket clip.  The tip of the clip is dip coated to prevent it from coming out of position when the SOCP is drawn.   An integral part of the SOCP, the dagger is easily stashed in a conceal position or in your MOLLE gear.

To my mind, the SOCP is one of the best defensive carry tools I have ever seen.  It allows you to conceal carry, it gives you the ability to create space when necessary, and it allows you the peace of mind that whatever may happen, you always have a tool that is readily accessible.  Get your own Benchmade SOCP on our website here.  Watch the video below to see Greg Thompson describe the SOCP.


  • Blade Length: 3.22″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.185″
  • Blade Material: 440C
  • Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC
  • Blade Style: Single Edge, Combo
  • Weight: 2.20oz
  • Pocket Clip: Sheath Mounted
  • Lock Mechanism: Fixed
  • Overall Length: 7.25″
  • Sheath Material: Injected Molded w/ Clip Class: Black

Kershaw Burst Flipper Assist Knife Review

Kershaw Burst Assist Knife
Kershaw Burst Assist Knife, short review of the Kershaw model 1970

The Kershaw Burst puts a powerful, fast opening blade in your hand with just a slight tug on the flipper.  The uniquely modified clip point blade excels at piercing cuts as well as slicing and chopping.  A glass filled nylon handle tops off this fantastic every day carry knife by giving you a comfortable and secure grip.

The 3″ blade opens via the SpeedSafe® assisted opening mechanism.  Once open, the flipper becomes a blade guard (quillon) that is built with a perfect curve so your forefinger snugs right up into it and the slight curvature of the handle where they meet.  The clip point blade is razor sharp right out of the box.  Made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, the blade keeps a good edge, has good strength, and great corrosion resistance which makes this an ideal every day carry knife.  It will cut what you need cut, will take an edge with ease, and isn’t going to complain when you put it away without pulling out the oil can and buffing cloth.

The blade has some jimping on a thumb ramp that also blends perfectly with the handle spine.  A small ferro notch about midway up the blade spine does double duty as a control point for your thumb when you want to make controlled fine cuts.  All the edges of the ferro notch are nicely chamfered so it is a smooth, comfortable spot for your thumb.  In fact, the entire spine of the blade has been slightly “broken” or chamfered so it extremely comfortable on your thumb.

The blade has a hollow grind which makes it ideal for slicing.  The edge of the blade has a secondary V-grind bevel that takes and incredibly sharp edge. The blade locks in place with a liner lock.  The liner gets a nice solid grip on the blade when it opens so the blade sits secure in the open position.  There is a small ball detent to keep the blade in the closed position when you want it to stay that way.

The glass filled nylon handle features a textured pattern that affords you a solid grip.  The spine of the handle, as mentioned previously, has jimping near the blade and it has some on the butt of the blade as well.  I’m not quite sure that this is the kind of knife you would typically hold in a reverse grip–so the jimping on the butt adds some visual appeal but probably not really useable.  The pocket clip is tip up, right/left reversible.  This means the knife is a true ambidextrous since it is flipper activated.  The pocket clip is somewhat small–but adequate for the job.

The Kershaw Burst is an amazing production knife for under $30.  It is mid sized, has good materials, and the blade takes an extra sharp edge.  The knife is going to last a long time, it doesn’t weigh too much and it can take some serious abuse–which in my book make it an ideal EDC for pocket carry. Get yours here on our website.



  • Steel: 8CR13MOV stainless steel
  • Handle: Glass-filled nylon
  • Blade Length: 3 in. (7.6 cm)
  • Closed Length: 4 1/8 in. (10.5 cm)
  • Overall Length: 7 1/8 in. (18 cm)
  • Weight: 4.6 oz.

CRKT Incendor Assist Knife Review — Quick Review

CRKT Incendor Assist Knife
CRKT Incendor Assist Knife

Ken Steigerwalt designed the CRKT Incendor.  This assist open knife uses the Outburst™ mechanism to fire out the traditional drop point blade.  The blade features a bead blast finish and a grey titanium nitride coat.  The nearly 3″ blade has a slight hollow grind that makes it an ideal blade for everday cutting chores.  The blade also has the Fire Safe™ thumbstud opening system.  The thumbstud actually has a spring inside that allows you to depress it slightly.  Without pressing the thumbstud down, the blade actually won’t fire.  It is a secondary safety to keep the blade from misfiring.

The handle scales on the Incendor are  milled G10 with several curved steps that give additional grip to a very ergonomic handle.  The handle measures 3.97″.  It has a deep carry tip down pocket clip.  A true deep carry, the only part that shows out of your pocket is a thin strip of pocket clip.

The Incendor from CRKT is an ideal every day carry knife for anyone looking.  Let me know what you think of yours below.


Blade: Length: 2.96″
Thickness: .11″
Steel: 8Cr14MoV, 58-60 HRC
Blade Style: Drop Point, Hollow Grind, Bead Blast Grey TiNitride Finish
Handle length: 3.97″
Open Overall length: 6.94″
Weight: 3.8 Ounces
Model#: 6870

Schrade SC50B Extreme Survival Automatic Knife Review — Quick Review

Schrade SC50B Auto Knife
Schrade SC50B Auto Knife

The Schrade SC50B Push Button Automatic Knife boasts a drop point blade that qualifies as Cali-Legal because it measures in at 1.875″.  This auto conversion snaps out extremely fast and lock up is solid.  This is the kind of auto that fits into any pocket or bag.  A great every day utility knife, there are several things that make this knife an excellent carry.

The 440 stainless steel drop point blade gets every cutting job done.  There isn’t much I run into that needs a bigger blade.  Sure, when I am going into the woods or great outdoors, I carry a larger fixed blade knife with me.  But this auto knife is perfect for daily cutting.  The blade has some jimping on the spine to give your thumb extra control on precision cutting tasks.

The handle is black anodized 6061 T6 aluminum.  The top scale features a grip tape insert that adds some serious gripping power to the knife.  There is a very shallow elongated finger groove followed by a somewhat deeper, longer curve.  The first curve fits my forefinger and my next two fingers sit comfortably in the longer curve.  My pinkie sits on the butt of the handle in just the right spot. It has a lanyard hole and the knife actually comes with a small paracord lanyard.  The back scale has three sweeping grooves across the face which are matched by just two grooves on the front face.  These grooves give you even more grip spots.

The very best things about this knife are the size, speed and durability.  The size means I can pocket carry without being too obtrusive.  And at barely over two ounces and 3.25″ closed, it sits nice and easy in my pocket.  It isn’t a Pocket Real Estate® hog. The speed means I can get the blade out fast when I need it.  Just a quick press on the button and the blade is out.  And the durability means it is going to withstand some serious abuse.  I work hard and expect my knives to work hard right alongside me.  When I need to make a cut, I go for the knife on hand.  And this auto is certain to be on hand for a long time to come.  Get yours for just $36 on our website while supplies last.


  • Blade: 1.875″
  • Overall: 5″
  • Closed: 3.25″
  • Weight: 2.12 oz.