Frank Beltrame Tactical 9" Stiletto

I have never really been super crazy about Frank Beltrame’s knives. I prefer the military slant to knives and most of his seem to feature elk horn, ivory, or some other natural substance for the scales. All well and good if you like that kind of stuff. And I will admit, some of them are very beautiful products. It just isn’t my favorite kind of thing. I would much prefer G-10 scales or some other “military” type handle for my knives. Now, don’t get me wrong, Frank B makes great knives. They are all top notch quality construction and hold up great under normal wear and tear. All of them, that I have seen, use top quality materials.

Enough with that, let me just say, I was ecstatic when I found this tactical military knife by Frank B. It has all the earmarks of his products, great materials, strong craftmanship and a nice tight feel to the knife. You know it is one that will last. I love this stiletto knife. The nice thing is, if you prefer another look, there is another one available on our website. It has beautiful faux briarwood scales which are very nice. In my spare time, I do woodworking. And I really do, contrary to everything I said before about alternate materials for the handle scales, like the look of this particular stiletto. They both have nice, tight safeties that aren’t going to slide around on you when you least expect them to. They both have very strong springs that pop the blade right out. And finally, they both look great. Try one out if you have been looking for a high quality stiletto. Frank B has done himself proud with these.

SOG-TAC Automatic Knives

SOG recently, a few months back, came out with a new series of knives. Just a couple of weeks ago they came out with the mini version of the same automatic knives. These auto knives are extremely good tactical, all purpose knives. They come in a few different variations. SOG has made the 01,02, 03, and 04 as well as the 10, 12, 13. These knives are sharp, have strong action out of the knife, and they are thin. This is one of my favorite things about the knives, they are long, but their very thin profile make them easy to carry. Once open, each of the auto knives lock up tight. They are made from quality materials, the handles are made from machined 6061T6 hard-anodized aluminum and are inset with G10 type textured inlays. The blades are beautiful. This is a series that I would like to own the enire set. SOG has hit a home run with these knives.

Smith & Wesson Military & Police

Smith & Wesson recently came out with a new line of Military & Police knives that are awesome. There are a wide variety of styles of blade as well as handle styles. The knives have a great medium sized handle and flip out with a trigger on the spine. They are classified as spring assisted, which I guess they are. But they are as close to an automatic knife as I have seen, without actually being one. The detailing on the handles is nice, it provides a good grip when holding them. The weight is excellent. They feel heavy enough in your hand that you can use them with some leverage. The blade styles vary widely. The one pictured here on the side is one that I like. Check them out on my website at this link:
This is one great series.