Cold Steel Mini Tac Series

Cold Steel has dedicated themselves to making the strongest, sharpest knives in the world.  Since 1980, they have been producing high quality knives that serve specific as well as general needs for knife users.  One of their knife lines, the Mini Tac Series, are neck knives.  These knives are all light and come with a Secure Ex sheath.  Each one can be worn on a neck chain or you can carry them on a belt or almost anywhere else you can think of. 
The Cold Steel Mini Tac Knives may be some of the smaller knives that you come across, but they perform just like a full size knife.  Their blade lengths range from 3″ all the way up to 3 3/4″.  What does this mean to you?  It means that even though your Mini Tac knife is small–you aren’t giving up any blade real estate.  These knives are each made with a shorter handle than a normal knife, but this doesn’t affect your ability to hold and use your Mini Tac Knife.  As you can see in the picture of the Mini Tac Kiridashi knife above, these knives are made with a comfortable spot for your forefinger. These knives are flat and sport a full tang.  Beacuse of these design features, the Mini Tac knives are amazingly easy to hold onto and don’t roll or twist in your hand.  If you haven’t tried a Cold Steel knife, a Mini Tac might be a great intro knife into their amazingly full line of high quality, well built knives.  But be warned, once you get your first Cold Steel knife, it is hard to stop.  They are addictive.

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