Cold Steel Natchez Bowie — Snapshot Review

Cold Steel Natchez Bowie
Cold Steel Natchez Bowie

Cold Steel makes incredible knives.  Many of their knives are designed after period pieces.  But don’t be misled, just because they look similar to a period piece knife, doesn’t mean they are just for show.  Often, the opposite is true.  These period knives combine all that is great about the shape and style of a knife with modern materials and production techniques to produce knives that are built for heavy, directed use.  The Natchez Bowie is no exception.  The Bowie knife has a huge fan base .  It first became popular back with Jim Bowie–you can find a short history of him and the knife here.  The Natchez Bowie design originated back in Natchez, Mississippi.  It came to light with the “Under-The-Hill” gang and their capers in the extremely rowdy riverfront district known as Natchez.  The knife was built for battle.  A long, well shaped blade gives you reach, strength and leverage with a near perfect balance point.  Great for piercing, chopping, and slashing; the Natchez Bowie is a period piece that is still relevant today.  Check it out here on our website.  Let me know what Bowie knives you have in the comment section down below.

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  1. I bought this knife and just love it. I’ve always been a bowie knife fan and want the best bowie knife I could find for my bug out bag. This is the one I decided to go for and from all my tests it holds up extremely well.

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