Contest for October

We are having an open contest here at BladeOps. It goes until the 25th of October, 2009. There will be two winners. Winner #1 will be the person who submits the best knife review on our site. This will be based on the quality of the review, how well it describes the knife, and how well it describes how you like it. The judges will be the staff at BladeOps. This person can choose, as their prize, either a brand new ProTech Godson with Carbon Fiber inlays (PT700CF). Or, they can choose a Maxpedition Knife Collector’s bag (MSRP $188.00).
The second winner will be chosen based on quantity. The person who submits the most quality reviews will win. A quality review is also based on content and description. “Nice Knife” is great but won’t be considered a quality review–it is just too short and not descriptive enough. The 2nd winner will get the prize that is not chosen by the first winner. This contest is not valid in states or areas where it is prohibited.

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