Desert Fox Assisted Opener Knife

The Desert Fox assisted open knife still stands as one of the best assisted openers in the value blade section of our store. It was one of the very first knives we began to stock and has sold like crazy ever since. The action on it is good. The lock up is tight. And the knife looks very sleek. I originally named it the Desert Fox after Erwin Rommel. Being a little bit of a WWII nut, I think Rommel still stands as one of the best tacticians ever. Although, I will admit, Patton gives him a definite run for the money. This knife, when we very first got it in from our supplier, looked like something Rommel might carry–hence the name. Check it out!

Overall Length: 7.5″
Blade Length: 3″
Closed Length: 4.5
Pocket Clip: Tip Up
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Made in China

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