Duck Mini Stiletto Automatic Knife Line Review

Duck Mini Stiletto Automatic Knife

The Blade:

There are two versions of this knife and both are made with the same stainless steel blade material. When you are looking at traditional pocket knives, there are two types of steel: stainless steel or high carbon steel. Stainless steel knives usually have around 12% chromium which helps the blade resist rusting and corrosion. This means that this knife will maintain its high-class look for longer than many other knives. However, the added chromium also means that a stainless steel is going to be softer than a high carbon blade steel. Because it is softer, you are going to be able to sharpen the steel more easily, but you will have to sharpen the blade more often than if the blade was made with a high carbon steel. Overall, stainless steel knives are tougher than high carbon blades, but it will not be harder. Unfortunately, this is not the highest level of stainless steel, so while it does have plenty of high quality, it won’t stand up to the newer super steels that are on the block.

Both versions of the blade are also finished satin. The satin blade finish is created by repeatedly sanding the blade in one direction with an increasing level of an abrasive. This finish is designed to show off the bevels of the blade while also perfectly showcasing the fine lines of the steel. This is the most popular blade steel as well as being the most traditional blade finish. This classic finish ties perfectly with the stiletto style of handle. One of the final benefits to a stain blade finish is that it does help to resist corrosion slightly. Unfortunately, satin finishes do take manual labor, which does increase the cost of the price.

The knife has been sharpened into a clip point style blade, which is the second most popular blade shape on the market today. This is a great all-purpose blade shape. The blade shape is structured by having the back edge of the knife run straight form the handle before it stops around the halfway point of the blade. At this point, it curves inward and downward until the point of the knife. This section looks as if the blade has been “clipped off” which is where the blade style got its name. Because this clipped off portion is there, the knife has a lowered tip, which gives the user more control when you are using the knife. The clip point excels at piercing because the tip is controllable, sharp, and thinner at the spine, these characteristic lends to quicker stabbing with less drag during insertion and faster withdrawal. One of the reasons that this blade shape makes such a good all-purpose knife is because it does have a very large belly that makes slicing a lot easier. There is one big disadvantage to the clip point and that is because it does have a narrow tip, it does have the tendency to be weak and can break pretty easily. But, with these Duck Mini Stiletto knives, you most likely aren’t trying to pierce through anything too tough. These knives still make really good every-day knives.

The two versions of the knife both sport a plain edge. The plain edge is the more popular and common between a plain and a serrated edge. Plain edges allow you to take on a wider variety of tasks, which is ideal for these two knives because they are great everyday carry knives. The plain edge is going to be easier to sharpen because you don’t have to worry about the teeth. You can even get a finer edge on the plain edge because it is easier to sharpen. However, plain edges to have the tendency to get dull more quickly. This is because with a serrated edge, you are still capable of tearing through materials with blunt force. One of the biggest advantages to the plain edge is that it provides you with very clean cuts.


The Handle:

Each version of the handle has stainless steel bolsters, solid steel liners, and handle scales. There are two different versions of the knife, one has white handle scales and the other has black handle scales.

The stainless steel adds high durability and resistance to corrosion but it also adds plenty of weight. Because it is just the bolsters and the liners, the weight will not weigh down the knife, but instead add plenty of heft. This heft will help this knife back you up when you are taking on the harder tasks. The stainless steel bolsters have been anodized bronze. When it comes to anodizing stainless steel, it is mostly done for color. This is because the steel does not react in the same ways that aluminum and other porous metals do and because stainless steels are already durable and not prone to scratches. The bronze bolsters and a very unique and traditional look to this knife. It is as if this knife was not recently made, but instead came from the era when stiletto knives were popular. The solid steel liners mean that this is a durable knife that is not going to be prone to falling apart or breaking easily.

The handle scales in the middle of the two knives are made out of acrylic. Acrylic is a tough transparent plastic, often used as an alternative to glass. This is a synthetic polymer of polymethryl methacrylate or PPMA. This material is tough and shatter resistant. This material is great for a handle scale because it can easily be molded into a variety of shapes. Acrylic is tough and not affected by light, which means that it will retain its color over time. Acrylic also weighs 50 percent less than glass, so the handle scales will not weigh the knife down. This material is also impact resistant; this knife has a long lifetime ahead of it, and even longer if you take good care of this knife. When it comes to the knife handles, you can choose between either white or black.


The Pocket Clip:

The pocket clip on this knife is designed for tip-up carry only on the traditional side of the handle. The pocket clip is stainless steel and has been stonewashed finished, which adds a rugged, well-worn look to the knife. The clip is very thin and is being held in place by two small silver screws that match the rest of the hardware on each of the knives. This is a deep carry pocket clip, which means that you are going to be able to deeply conceal this blade in your pocket. The knife is also going to sit more snugly in your pocket when you are moving around throughout your day. This allows you to constantly have your blade with you without worrying about losing it; another reason why this is such an ideal everyday carry knife. The butt of the clip flares out slightly, which adds aesthetic and allows it to better hook on your pocket.


Duck Mini Stiletto Automatic Knife
Duck Mini Stiletto Automatic Knife

The Mechanism:

This is an automatic knife that features a push button opening mechanism as well as a plunge lock.

Because it is an automatic knife, you do have to be aware that automatic knives are not legal in all cities, states, or areas of the United States. It is your responsibility as the user of this knife to know what your local knife laws are before you purchase, carry, or use this knife. BladeOps is not responsible for what happens once you purchase this knife. Automatic knives are commonly known as switchblades. This is a type of knife with a folding blade contained in the handle which is opened automatically by a spring when a button on the handle is activated. Most switchblade designed incorporate a locking blade, in which the blade is locked against closure when the spring extends the blade to the fully opened positon. The blade is unlocked by manually operating a mechanism that unlocks the blade and allows it to be folded and locked in the closed position. Because it is an automatic knife, this knife is going to open quickly and efficiently. Plus, you can easily open this knife with only one hand.

The plunge lock is also known as the button lock. This is traditionally the locking method of an automatic knife. You press the button to release the blade, and a coiled spring tension fires the blade open. Once the blade is opened all the way, the plunger engages a cutout in the tang of the blade, holding it open. With an automatic knife the button locks the blade open as well as closed, preventing the knife from accidentally opening unless the button is pressed.


The Specs:

The blade on this knife design measures in at 1.875 inches with a handle that measures in at 2.75 inches long. The overall length of this knife is 4.625 inches long. The Mini Stiletto weighs in at 1.8 ounces. This knife is made in China.


The Pros of the Mini Stiletto:

  • Small and light enough that you can easily have this knife with you at all times, without feeling weighed down.
  • Stainless steel knives keep their look for longer than a high carbon blade.
  • The stainless steel blade is easy to sharpen.
  • The satin finish is very popular and traditional.
  • The satin finish helps to increase the corrosion resistance levels of the blade.
  • The clip point blade style has a very sharp point.
  • The clip point blade has a lowered tip, which makes your cuts easily controlled.
  • This blade is going to excel at piercing.
  • The belly is big enough to make slicing a breeze.
  • Plain edge is easier to sharpen and get a finer edge on it.
  • Plain edge gives you clean cuts.
  • The plain edge allows you take on a wider variety of tasks.
  • Deep carry pocket clip.
  • Acrylic is resistant to the elements.
  • Acrylic lasts a long period of time because of how durable it is.
  • Acrylic is inexpensive and lightweight.
  • Acrylic is one of the toughest materials around.
  • You have your choice between two different handle scale colors.
  • Opens quickly and efficiently, capable of opening it with only one hand.
  • Plunge lock is very strong.
  • When closing the blade, your hand is out of the way.


The Cons of the Mini Stiletto:

  • This blade is going to have to be sharpened more often than many other knife blades.
  • The satin finish does increase the cost of the knife.
  • The clip point does have a weak point.
  • The blade will have to be sharpened more often.
  • Pocket clip can only be attached on the traditional side of the handle for tip up carry.
  • Because it is automatic, it is not going to be legal in all states, cities, or areas.
  • The button lock is not ambidextrous.
  • This is not an ambidextrous knife in any way, shape, or form.



The Duck Mini Stiletto automatic knives snap open with a push on the button. This model features stainless steel bolsters, solid steel liners and white or black handle scales. The stainless steel bolsters and solid steel liners add heft and weight to the knife, which pairs perfectly with the acrylic handle scales. The plain edge clip point blade is perfect for everyday chores which is why the mini automatic knife makes the perfect novelty gift. The clip point blade is all-purpose excels at slicing because of its large belly. The only thing that you have to worry about is that the tip can be prone to breaking because of how fine it is. The stainless steel blade is durable and tough. It will not stain or rust easily, which means that your maintenance time will be significantly reduced. The stain finish is classic, which pairs perfectly with the brass-looking bolsters and the stiletto style handle. This knife comes with a pocket clip that is designed for tip-up carry only. Pick up your favorite version of this knife at BladeOps.


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