Favorite New Boker Fixed Blade Knife of 2014- The VoxKnives Rold

Boker Plus Rold, Black
Boker Plus Rold, Black a Jasper Voxnaes design

I am always on the lookout for a great fixed blade knife.  So whenever new ones show up at the shop, I take a few extra moments to check them out.  Just in today are the brand new for 2014 Boker Plus VoxKnives Rold knives.  This is a Jesper Voxnaes design, and I am more than impressed.  Here is what immediately caught my eye.

D2 tool steel blade with a flat grind.  3/16″ thick and full tang construction.  Classic blade shape with wide jimping on the thumb ramp and an extra finger choil just below the blade edge.  Here is what all that is going to do for you.  The flat grind allows you to slice and chop with extraordinary ease.  The extra thick blade gives you strength as well as some heft (weight) behind your heavy cuts. The thickness also allows you to baton the blade spine for serious chopping tasks. The jimping allows your thumb extra grip and control.  The additional finger choil gives you maximum control when you want to “choke” up on the knife for fine and precise cuts.

The handle is contoured black G-10 with a red layer that adds some nice contrast.  The butt of the handle has a dovetail shape and a palm swell in just the right place.  Two, extra-large rivet tubes look great and add function to the knife.  Here is what all that is going to do for you.  The G-10 is going to give you loads of grip–in my estimation it stands as one of the best materials for knives in inclement weather.  The palm swell and the dovetail add to an already secure grip but getting your hand in the right place and giving you plenty of handle to grab.  The rivet tubes reduce the knife weight slightly and add a spot to run a lanyard through–for even more knife control.

The Rold is sized right about where you would expect most camp knives to be.  With an overall length of 11″ and a blade length of 6″–you have plenty of cutting edge and heft to get serious cuts done without being so large as to make the knife unwieldy.  Priced right at around $135.00–the Rold is going to make some serious campers very happy this year.  Check out the Boker Knives Rold on our website here.

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