Favorite New SOG Assist Knife of 2014–Trident Elite TF-102

SOG Trident Elite TF-102
SOG Trident Elite TF-102–Assist Knife with hardcase black TiNi finished blade

SOG has come out with several new knives in 2014.  My favorite new assist knife from SOG is the Trident Elite series.  The Trident has been around for several years.  In fact, a couple of years ago we carried an exclusive model the TF12 with camo handle and a black tanto blade.  I really like the Trident series–always have.  I especially like the new Trident Elite knives for a couple of reasons.

The first thing you notice about the Trident Elite is the handle.  Built of the same glass filled nylon, the handle is lightweight–yet incredibly strong.  But the new models have a rubber inlay in three locations on both sides of the handle.  This adds a layer of grip security and comfort that is surprisingly good.  The handle inlays have a texture pattern that feels similar to a basketball.  I like the feel and the extra anti-slip protection it adds.

The second major change with the new Trident Elite is the addition of a glass breaker on the front of the handle.  That’s right–on the front.  When the blade is open, the glass breaker just sits alongside the blade.  When the blade is closed, it is ready for action.

The third thing I love about the new Trident is the deep carry clip that SOG has switched over to using on their new model knives.  This new clip is curved and wide.  It has much better strength to hold onto your pants pocket but it also feels better.  I would think it will wear better also because it has no sharp corners.

The next change is the jimping on the spine.  It goes nearly two thirds of the length of the blade.  At first glance, I thought it was an appearance thing.  But then I realized it allows you to get a really good grip with your thumb even if you have to choke way up on the knife.  You can put your thumb about halfway or even more down the length of the blade and still keep great control over the blade–even when making strong slicing style cuts.  The jimping is slightly rounded for comfort.

The Trident Elite also has the newest generation of SOG’s Assisted Technology.  I have to admit, the old system seemed pretty good to me.  The new system is even better.  Just a bit faster, it also feels more solid.

Overall, I think the new Trident Elite is sure to be a huge hit.  It will especially appeal to those looking for a mid to large pocket folder with assist capability who want their knife to be lightweight yet strong and to have a definite tactical feel to them.  Every Trident also has the strap cutter slot on the spine that uses the blade as a strap cutter when it is closed.  Perfect for every day use, emergencies, as well as a tactical deployment knife.  The Trident Elite by SOG is a great new addition to their spectacular line of knives.  Find yours here.  And let me know what you think below.

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  1. Good review, and this seems like a great knife, but one thing that is very important to people who buy knives with glass breakers, that do so to save a life is to know if they really work. Many glass breakers are not made of carbide, and won’t work at all, or don’t work well. Is this glass breaker made of carbide, and have you tested it yet? Please let us know… Thanks !

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