Frank Beltrame Swing Guard Automatic Knives

Swing Guard knives are the classic old knives that swing open from the side when a button is pressed.  As the blade “swings” into place, a crosspiece that is set on a pivot also swings open and then acts as a cross guard to protect your hand from slipping up off the handle and onto the blade. 
  We just put into stock several different 11″ swingguard knives from Frank Beltrame.  Each of these Italian beauties is built in Frank Beltrame’s shop and then assembled by hand. These Italian built knives are top quality construction. We have a variety of materials available including just a few with abalone shell handles.  Some of the other knives have bone handles, buffalo horn, and blond horn just to name a few.  They also come in a variety of blades.  The majority of the items we just got into stock have an extended bayonet style blade and some are even have a black tactical teflon coat.

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