Gerber 06 Automatic Knife, G10 Handles, Part Serrated Tanto Blade

Gerber 06 Auto Knife with G10 Handles


Gerber 06 Auto Knife with G10 Handles
Gerber 06 Auto Knife with G10 Handles

The Gerber 06 Automatic knife is a solid built addition to the 06 line of knives.  This USA made knife comes with black machined G10 handles that give amazing grip, this fully auto knife sports a comfortable grip and a pommel that is perfect for emergency egress.   We’ve reduced the weight of our best-selling 06 Auto with the addition of G10 handles.

The S30V tanto blade measures in at 3 3/8″ long and has a black oxide coat to give it a tactical feel.  At 1/8″, the thickest part of the blade is right on the spine by the handle.  The extra strong tanto style blade gives the tip extra strength and makes it great for piercing.  The story goes that the original tanto design arose from Samurai warriors.  When they broke the tips off their swords, they would resharpen them into a tanto shape.  After a while, they realized that the shape gave their sword even more effective piercing power and began to design the Katana with the tanto tip so as to have a sword with maximum piercing power.

The handle on the 06 not only has the machined G10 for maximum “grippiness” but also features an oversized push button that makes it easy to fire the blade even if you are wearing tactical gloves.  G10 makes for a light knife that is durable and ready for heavy use.  The slide safety is found right below the push button and makes for simple one handed use.  A red dot shows when the safety is not engaged to let you know the knife is “live”.  The handle has fingerguards to give you a more secure grip.  Strategically placed jimping and an extra deep finger choil make for an amazingly secure grip.  Closed, the knife measures in at nearly 5″.  It weighs just 6.3 ounces.

This is a great tactical knife for heavy, daily use.  If you need a great automatic knife that can keep up with you, get the Gerber 06 auto with G10 handles.


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