Great Starter Butterfly Knives

Looking for a great starter butterfly knife?  Check out the Bear & Son line of butterfly knives.  The 114 series and the smaller 113 series are perfect starter butterfly knives.  Each one is pin construction.  This means the pin which connects the handles to the blade is not a torx screw-it is an actual pin.  This means the handles cannot be detached from the blade.  This is especially good for beginners because it means you don’t have to worry about managing the tightness of the swing.  The other thing I especially like about these two series is that they are relatively inexpensive.  At under $35.00 for most of them, they are a great knife to start with.

One thought on “Great Starter Butterfly Knives”

  1. I agree, the Bear & Son 114 series bali is a great starter knife. I also like the Bradley Kimura II thru VII series Butterfly Knifes. This series is on the upper end of what would be considered inexpensive, but their still under $100.00 and I haven’t found anything of higher quality in that price range. Hands down the best balisong under $100.00.

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