Great Throwing Knives

Black Ronin Throwing Knife
Black Ronin Throwing Knife

Today we are going to go over the best throwing knives, but for starters, what is a throwing knife? A throwing knife is a knife that has been specifically designed and weighted so that it can be thrown to the best ability. These are their very own genre of knives. These knives are used throughout the world and in many cultures and because of that, many different techniques have developed on how to throw them. Because of this, there are different styles of throwing knives to best compliment that style of throwing.

These knives are used in sport, defensive uses, entertainment, and as an art. Learning to throw these knives can benefit you in a variety of ways, one of them being for your entertainment purposes. When you are first getting into throwing knives, you should not buy a variety of different lone knives. You need to get used to throwing just one style, shape, and size of a knife before you branch out and purchase a variety of throwing knives. These knives are also great for outdoors men and hunters, because you can defend yourself from a distance. No matter what the reason is, a good set of throwing knives will do wonders.

While shopping for good throwing knives, you should be looking for sharp blades, with an extra sharp tip. When the sides are duller, the knife is going to be able to go further. You should be looking for a knife that has excellent balance—to find this out, you are probably just going to have to trust the reviews. You should be looking for a handle that isn’t going to break easily. Plus, the design of the handle is what determines how well the knife will throw and how far they will go. A great option for handle materials is wood, because they offer great grip. However, wood is also more prone to breaking.

Today I am going to go over some of the most popular throwing knives and/or knife sets on the market today.


The Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwing Knife:

Gil Hibben is a fantastic brand, really you can’t go wrong when purchasing throwing knives from them. When purchasing one of their throwing knives, you can expect quality knives. Gil Hibben actually worked for Browning knife company during the 1960’s, so he does know what he is talking about. If you are first looking for throwing knives, these are a great option, because they are high quality, but still a pretty inexpensive option.

The blade on these knives are 4.25 inches long made out of 420 J2 stainless steel, which is actually a steel that is commonly used on higher quality knives. This steel is actually used in lots of surgical instruments because it is very sharp and has high corrosion resistance properties. This makes it a great option for throwing knives as well, because it is going to stay sharp. And, it won’t require too much maintenance. It can take on the tasks that you throw at this steel and because of that, this knife can take on the tasks that you throw at it.

The handle on this knife is 4.375 inches long, making this a perfectly balanced knife. This balance lets you produce a uniform throw every time. To give you fantastic grip, the handle has non-slip tensile cord wrapped around them.

Each of these knives come with a top grade black nylon sheath. The overall length of this knife is 8.625 inches long and weighs 6.4 ounces. This weight would be too light if you were a professional thrower, but these are an excellent option for beginners, because you can develop your own throwing style. Because these are for beginners, you probably won’t want to be using these forever, you are going to want to upgrade over time. These knives are full black knives—the blade, handle, and cord around the handle. This comes in a set of three knives.


  • These are fantastic options for beginner knife throwers.
  • Gil Hibben is a fantastic brand of knives.
  • This is a great steel option.
  • The blade and handle are perfectly balanced, making it easier for you to throw.
  • The handles are wrapped in cord, giving you a great grip.


  • Not a good option if you are experienced.
  • Too light for professionals.


The Smith and Wesson SWTK10CP Throwing Knife:

Smith & Wesson Throwers
Smith & Wesson Throwers

Smith and Wesson makes fantastic military grade knives. These throwing knives are no different, but they are primarily for the experts who know what they are doing.

The blade on these knives are five inches long made out of 2Cr13 High Carbon steel. This is a very strong steel. It can also get extremely sharp; these knives are designed to really hurt whatever is in front of the tip. The shape of these blades are a duel edged spear point. The tip and sides are all sharp and strong. Because of the cut-outs, the true middle of this knife is actually higher than you would expect. It does take a few minutes before you can throw accurately.

The handle portion is 5 inches long, so it seems like it would be perfectly balanced between the handle and the blade. However, there are cut outs in the handle, on the blade, and in the middle of the two. People have been reporting that these knives are actually blade heavy. The handle is very flat and smooth.

These knives come with a nylon sheath that holds all three in a waterfall, or cascading, look. The sheath actually comes with a belt loop which comes in handy when you need them quickly or need to a place to put them before you are using them.

This set is pretty inexpensive. It will work for beginners, but they are mainly targeted towards the experts. The overall length of these knives are 10 inches long. They weigh in at 7.03 ounces, so these are heavier than your average throwing knife. But, once you get used to the weight behind them, you will be able to throw them farther and with more force than other throwing knives. These knives come in a set of three. These would be a fantastic option if you are really looking to inflict damage.


  • The steel is very strong.
  • The steel is very sharp.
  • The spear point tip is not going to break.
  • Comes with a nylon sheath with a handy belt loop.
  • Great for experts.
  • Heavier, so you can do more damage than with a lighter knife.


  • Not great for beginners.
  • The balance of these knives take a little bit of getting used to.
  • These knives are heavy, so it does take a while to get used to.


The United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai Throwing Knife:

This knife is known for going distances. This knife really took off when Jason Statham used it in the movies The Expendables. However, United Cutlery was popular long before that.

The blade on this knife is made out of AUS-8 stainless steel, which is a fantastic steel option. This steel is rust-resistant, which means that your knife is going to last for longer than other throwing knives. This blade has a very unique design. The edges on this blade are actually made duller so that the knives have momentum while the knife is being launched. But, because the edges are duller, it is very important that the tip is crazy sharp and pointed. Because of how sharp it is, it can easily stab through whatever the target happens to be.

The handle of a throwing knife is where the good ones get set apart from the great ones. This handle is a great one. The butt end of the handle sports a finger ring that helps with drawing the knife and it gives you more control when you are fighting in cramped or close areas. The finger ring also helps to cut down on wind resistance while they are in the air. The handle is wrapped in nylon cord to help provide you with grip.

These knives come with a nylon belt sheath that sports a leg strap and belt loop. This way, you can keep it on your hip for easy access or you can have them safely tucked away on your legs.

The overall length of this knife is 12 inches long and it is perfectly balanced, helping get you uniform throws. These knives each weigh 8 ounces, so you are going to have more weight behind your throws. The weight behind the throws help get them farther when you throw them. These knives come in a set of three.


  • The AUS 8 steel makes for a fantastic steel option.
  • The steel is rust resistant, so it takes less maintenance to keep up on them.
  • The tip is crazy sharp, and will easily pierce through whatever you throw these at.
  • There is a finger ring to help with control and quick access.
  • Nylon wrapped handle provides you with better grip.
  • Comes with a nylon sheath.
  • Perfectly balanced.


  • People have reported the cord coming off easily.
  • Some people have issues with these knives breaking.


The United cutlery GH2033 Gil Hibben Throwing Knife:

These knives are built more the more professional and experienced knife thrower. These knives are considered to be some of the highest quality, top end throwing knives. But, these are also considered to be almost the perfect knife. They take all of the wanted characteristics of throwing knives and combine them to create the ideal throwing knife.

The steel chosen for these knives is 420 stainless steel; this steel is hard and strong. This steel has good corrosion resistance properties and it is not too expensive. This steel can hold an edge fairly well and is not a difficult steel to resharpen. Many people consider this steel the perfectly balanced steel. You get a little bit of everything and everything is good. It just doesn’t excel at any of the properties.

The handle has absolutely zero grip, which is why these are designed with the experts in mind. Because it is so slippery, you can experiment with your specific throwing style.

These knives come with a leather sheath that fits all three of the blades.

The overall length of these knives are 12.125 inches long and they weigh almost 13 ounces. These come in a set of three.


  • Great for experts.
  • These are some of the highest quality knives that you will be able to find.
  • The chosen steel is an excellent balance between all of the good characteristics.
  • You can easily experiment with your throwing style.
  • Comes with a leather sheath.


  • NOT for beginners at all.
  • The handle has zero grip.



Throwing Knives have been around for centuries for a myriad of different reasons. In each culture, they are used for something different. Throwing knives have been used as an art form, they have been used as a self-defense weapon, and they have been used as entertainment. Depending on which task you are purchasing your throwing knife for, you are going to want to be searching for different characteristics, but don’t fret—there are hundreds of different styles, shapes, and sizes of throwing knives. You just have to know what you are searching for. To make things easier for you guys, I put together a list of the four most popular sets of throwing knives. Some were designed for beginners so they were lighter and easier to work with. Some were designed for either a beginner or an expert, so they were aesthetically pleasing and a great balance of everything you want in a throwing knife. Lastly, there was a set designed strictly for expert knife throwers, so it did have a unique design to it. Truly any of these options are fantastic options, but they all favor different styles of use. Remember that while you are searching for your perfect knife you should be searching for one that is very sharp, one that has great balance, and one that is not prone to easy breaking.

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