Hunter Dual Action Knives

We haven’t reviewed the Hunter dual action knives for quite some time. Here is the short review. These are the best dual action knives you are going to find in this price range. The Defiance, by ProTech, is the best dual action knife we have ever found. But the Defiance rings in at several hundred dollars. The Hunter, just $25.00. Now available at in three handle colors (black, blue, and red) this dual action knife opens very smooth. You can open it just like a manual folder. Or, you can trigger the extremely well disguised button on the handle and the blade snaps right out.

The blade locks up with a liner lock and stays nice and tight in the open position. Partially serrated, this 440 stainless steel blade is a great shape and come nice and sharp right out of the box. Most dual action knives either have a very obvious trigger—and therefore defeat the purpose of the dual action concept, which is to appear as a manual folder. The Hunter’s trigger is difficult to spot and yet is easy to activate. Another problem most dual action knives have is dependability. Many of them quit working properly after just a few weeks. The Hunter seems to be like the Energizer bunny, it just keeps on working. If you are in the market for a medium to large dual action knife, the Hunter is the way to go.

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