Joker OTF Knife in a New Color

The Joker Out The Front knife is now available in a brand new color.  This champagne colored knife features a single action mechanism that fires the blade out fast and hard.  To reset the blade, you push the button and pull the slide on the side back into the “ready” position.  This knife is loads of fun and amazingly durable.  If you have been looking for a good, solid entry level priced OTF knife, the Joker is always a good choice.  This knife, you may have noticed, is a Cupid clone that looks very much like the knife used in the Batman movie that featured the Joker.

One thought on “Joker OTF Knife in a New Color”

  1. I've been purchasin from bladeops for about a year. They have very fast shipping and a hastle free return policy. I reside in CA and do not have acsess to some of the items I purchased but when I call the toll free # William is both helpful and patient. Recently I purched a knife through Amazon saving 10 bucks "what a hastle" long story short I sent it back and bought from bladeops. Thanks for all of your help William!!!

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