Kershaw Scallions in Color

Kershaw Olive Drab Scallion
Kershaw Olive Drab Scallion

The Kershaw Scallion spring assist knife has been around for quite some time–and for good reason.  This popular knife features a just right 2.25″ blade and is lightweight enough to be a comfortable and convenient pocket carry knife.  This is the type of knife you want for every day cutting tasks whether it is opening boxes, cutting rope or opening a package.  If you’ve never used a SpeedSafe knife (this is the Kershaw spring assist system) you are in for a treat–the Scallion opens fast.  Just pull back on the blade protrusion and the blade snicks out and locks up nice and tight via the framelock.
Now you can have this awesome every day carry knife in a bunch of new colors including Olive Drab, Navy Blue or Purple.  Check out these new colors on our website here.

The new knives feature anodized aluminum handles that are scratch resistant.  Throw in the fantastic high carbon stainless steel blade and you have a knife that will perform for years.  Plus it has a secondary blade lock in the form of the Tip-Lock for maximum pocket safety.  

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  1. This company is the only one I would ever bye from online. I have personally bought more then 2 dozen,different makes and models. And if there is any problem. They fix it asap.

    They are the best!!!!!!!!!
    From;’ wheels’

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