Microtech Halo V OTF Knives

We just got a few of the MT151-1 and MT151-2 OTF knives into stock.  The HALO V series is extremely popular.  These knives, the 151-1 and the 151-2 are identical except the 2 has a part serrated blade.  Both of the models have an absolutely stunning two-tone blade.  The blade is D2 stainless steel with a DLC black coat on part of the blade.  These OTF knives open automatically when you fire the trigger button.  To close them, you pull the base of the handle out to full extension (look at the Microtech Halo pictures on our store site) and this resets the blade.
I especially like the length of this knife as well as how the contoured handle fit in the hand.


Blade: 4.6″
Overall: 10.75″
Handle: 6.1″
Weight: 5.8 oz.
Nylon Sheath Included

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