Microtech Metalmark Balisong Knives

Microtech Metalmark, MT170-1

Microtech recently released their new Metalmark Balisong knives.  These knives features a uniquely shaped handle with some spectacular machining on them that gives you a nice solid grip.  It is built Torx adjustment screws so you can make the blade as tight or as loose as you want.  The blade comes in a variety of finishes including black tactical, satin, bead blast, or stonewash.  You can also get it with a plain edge or partial serrations.  Each knife bears the Microtech logo on the blade as well as the build date and a serial number.  The latch is on the bite handle and has a spring so with a gentle squeeze of the handles you can get the latch loose for rapid deployment of your blade.  The Metalmark stands out in the crowded field of balisong knives for several reasons.  First, as with nearly every Microtech knife, the Metalmark is built with quality components and first class production techniques that combine to create a high quality knife that performs and is collectible.  Second, the unique style and shape of the Metalmark is sure to make it popular with many knife collectors because it stands out from your everyday average butterfly knife. Finally this knife is going to be popular because as of right now, it is limited in production–and first runs as well as early serial numbers are always more collectible. Whether you are a balisong expert, a butterfly enthusiast or a fan of everything Microtech, the Metalmark is sure to please.

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