Microtech Nemesis IV, Out The Front Knife

Microtech just released a limited run of their Nemesis IV Out the Front Knife.  This knife is absolutely amazing, and since there were only 100 produced in this limited run, it is sure to become an instant collector’s classic.   Built with a bead blast, hand ground blade with dual edges, the Nemesis has a triangle shaped indent at the top of the groove in the middle of the blade.  This triangle shape–one of the Nemesis features–is repeated throughout the blade and handle.  You can also find this distinctive feature on the trigger button, which is flush with the handle and at the middle of the stepped slide safety.
Each of these knives has a serial number that you can find on the retractor.  After you fire the blade, to reset it, you push on a small lever mounted on the side of the handle and then pull on the retractor that is at the base of the handle.  This action is similar to the Halo series of knives that Microtech has produced.  The difference is that the retractor is only half of the handle base instead of the full base.  As you pull the retractor out, the blade is pulled back into the cocked position.  On the back of the retractor it reads, “A. Marfione 06/2010 NEMESIS IV S/N …” with the three dots representing your individual serial number.
On the handle of the Nemesis IV you will find various spots of jimping on each side.  This gives you tons of gripping power on the handle.  On the front of the handle there is a dagger logo.  All around, this is easily one of the best single action out the front knives I have ever had the pleasure of holding.  There are an extremely limited number of the Nemesis IV and if you want one for your collection you probably want to move fast.  Watch the video on our site to get a great idea of what this knife is all about.

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