Microtech Ultratech, Tanto Point, MT123-7

Microtech’s Ultratech stands as one of the very best, if not the very best, out the front knife that has ever hit the market.  The Ultratech has gone through very few modifications over the years, it is just that good.  Every once in a while, Microtech releases a new version of the Ultratech, just recently, they released the 123 series.  This particular model, the MT123-7, has a single edge, plain blade with a tanto point on it.  The blade finish has a bead blast finish.  If you like tanto point knives, then this is the OTF knife for you.  Like each of the Ultratech’s before it, it has incredibly smooth, tight action on the spring that fires the blade open fast and locks up tight.  The handle is comfortable and easy to hold.  Everything about the Ultratech shouts out quality craftmanship and top-notch materials.  The Ultratech is the best for a reason.  Check out the newest Ultratech’s in our shop if you get a chance.

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